Fall MTB Trip Sept 24-Oct 12

First big fall trip for the retired couple. With Francine retired from the ski school we were ready to go find sunshine. The plan was to spend a week in Park City, then drive down to Moab for another week, spend four days in Fruita/Grand Junction then work our way home with a stop in Draper Ut. and Boise, Id. With great lodging, good friends, and pefect weather it was the perfect roadtrip.

First on the stop was Park City 

Francine and Danielle on 9k

Rich gets a little air at Round Valley

Rich and Danielle  Park City

Francine - Glenwilde to Flying Dog

Next up Moab!  

The 3/4 Enchilada, Hazard down

Shuttle start

Lisa and David, glad to be finished

Navajo Rocks Area

After Moab we headed to Fruita.  We rode RD 18 area, The Ribbon in Grand Junction, Hawkeye/Mack Ridge/Troy Built and a quick lap of Horsethief on our last day.   The Rd. 18 trails were looking kind of sad and are moving off the must-do list.  The ribbon was amazing and the new Falcon trail was excellent.

Road 18 trails

The Ribbon Trail, Grand Junction

David and Francine take a break on the Ribbbon trail

Amazing Terrain

Falcon/Mack Ridge/Troy Built
Lisa heads up Falcon Trail


Lisa on Mack Ridge

Colorado river below

Francine makes the last climb on Troy Built

Wildlife above Horsethief

On the drive home we decided to skip riding Corner Canyon in Draper and try to ride in Boise.   The winds were gusting to 40 in Boise, so Francine opted out, but Kevin had a good time on the ultra smooth trails above the Boise Capitol buildings.   

Sedona - Monday

Monday - Kris/Len/Jim went on a strenuous hike up Bear Mountain. Fran & Kevin took Pat & Larry on a "Pool" tour of the complex. 

Then, after a leisurely morning, Francine made Kevin go out for a short ride. She had been wanting to hit chuckwagon, except that the first mile is now totally overrun with hikers making their way to "Devils Bridge". There are so many people wanting to get their selfie at the bridge, that I guess one can wait an hour or more for your turn. The parking lot fills up, and there is parking on both sides of the road for almost a mile. 
we did not go here, but here is a picture 

So, we parked at the end of the almost 5 mile trail, rode in to the intersection where the hikers turn off to hike to the Devils Bridge trail and turned around. Lovely ride. Only saw about 4 friendly hikers on the in and back out portion. 

Started the ride by pedaling up Mescal trail to the right turn to descend Long Canyon trail. Crossed the road to start Chuckwagon (originally called Gunslinger by the locals bikers who originally built the bootleg trail). Generally climbed the now very obvious trail about 3.3 miles.
rains tonight should cause a bloom on the stalk
resting at top of a climb on Chuckwagon
wash on Chuckwagon

Kev jumping a ledge on Chuckwagon
Kev on Chuckwagon

At the turn-around point, we took a small break. Then retraced our steps back to the car. 8 miles.