August 11, Tiger - New trail Inside Passage and Legend

Francine on Inside Passage, Tiger Mt. Washington
 More new trails.  What a great time to be a mountain biker in the Issaquah area.   The new Inside Passage trail opened last week at Tiger, so we went to check it out.  Awesome, it is a great new trail.  Nice flow that is not too tech or too bermy, just right.   Makes for some great loop options.   We started with an old loop, out the road, then back to lot on Iverson, then up Missing Link to its intersection with the new Inside Passage, to Joyride, Nothwest, Easy Tiger to Legend and back up Easy Tiger.  This was our first time on Legend and that was a lot of fun as well.   Hand built single diamond downhill with an easy climb back up to Northwest Timber.  

Francine and Scott take a break on new bridge
 for Inside Passage trail

August 4, New Bike Trail - Olallie

The bike club, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has been super busy the last few year building trails.  We rode Raging River, a new system last month.  Now they have opened the first 6 miles on the Olallie network out of Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend.  We are super excited to have these big options so close to home.  Even though it was Friday, which meant with dealing with eastbound I-90 traffic after our ride, we left the Pass for North Bend.

Kev at the first viewpoint
Francine with Mt Washington in background

Rest - road turned to trail.  They did a nice job
They did an amazing job on this trail.  Even the road-to-trail section rides real nice.  It won't be long before that turns  more trail like.  We rode past the Mount Washington trail intersection, out to the sign for the Change Creek/Mt Washington sign and the camp for the trail builders.  We turned around here, at about 9.6 miles from the car (including the 2 miles from car and John Wayne Trail).  The descent on the road-to-trail section is a little steep for sustainability, but was super fun.  Then we hit the 4 miles of machine-built trail, which was great.  It was actually fantastic.

We are so excited for the extension of this trail system, which is supposed to go as far as Hansen Ridge (near exit 47).  You do feel like you are out there riding in the woods, even if I-90 is just below you on the left, and you can hear it.  I'm just appreciative of the opportunity to have some longer ride options so close to home.

The 4 miles of new descent trail were super flowy and awesome to descend on.  After we hit the John Wayne trail, we rode about a mile towards the car, and turned off, to the right into the Boxley Creek trails, and took single track back towards the car.  Super fun day.  Trailforks says 4800 of elevation.  Kevin's phone died on the ride, and it showed 4200 feet of elevation, and we were still kept climbing after that.  20 mile day.

August 2, Waterskiing with Rick

Rick wanted to get out on the boat.  We met him in the morning.  The water on Lake Washington was real nice.  It was supposed to be in the high 90's today, but we think the smoke from the BC Fires put a haze on the sun, keeping the temps down a few degrees.




July 30, Tiger Mountain

Greg had the day off, and hadn't been to Tiger yet.  We climbed Master Link to Quick Link to the top.  This is the first time Francine has made it to the very top, without walking and without a rest where East Summit trail crosses the road.  Greg put on a smaller front chain ring than he had in Hood River, and said that helped a lot on the steep climbs we have here in Washington.  He still doesn't have the easy gearing that we have.  Kevin has an easier gear that Francine.  What up?

Kevin, Francine and Greg at the top
Greg on Preston R R trail

After catching our breath at the top, we descended East Tiger Summit trail to cross the road.  At the next intersection with OTG (Off the Grid), we went left to descend on Preston Railroad Grade trail.  We hadn't been on that for a couple of years.  We took that to Bail Out-PBR to the road.  Climbed the road to the top of Fully Rigid.  Descended Fully Rigid to Joy Ride to Northwest Timber Trail.  Greg has only been mountain biking two years, and pretty much rode everything on Fully Rigid, except The Notch.  He says that lots of his road-biking friends were converting to mountain biking last year.  Since then a few of them have reconsidered, saying that mountain biking is too dangerous.  We are glad he is still finding it fun.

July 25-28, Lake Chelan

Pat and Larry have their time in Lake Chelan Shores, as they have 7 weeks.  We are sneaking over there on Kevin's 4 day.  They have two weeks in a row this time.

Got there on Tuesday, about 12:30pm with an easy drive.  Had lunch at the unit, and plopped ourselves at the lake, in the shade, under our usual tree.

Wednesday, July 28, we went Mountain Biking up at Echo Ridge.  The trails up there are getting better and better.  They are letting the road bed that most of the trails are on turn to single track.  They used to drive and mow the entire path, which kept the road double track.  Tim's, the resort at the bottom of the road, is selling, and you can't park at the corner, where the pavement turns to dirt anymore.  So, we headed out about 1/2 mile on Cooper Gulch Road and parked at a small pullout.

There happened to also be a trail at the pullout, so we headed up that.  It dropped in behind Tim's Resort/Cabins and the ski area, and came out at the start of the climb, Switchback Alley.  Up we went, going right when we hit The Shoe, as we wanted to check out the new trail Divine Intervention.  It was built as a downhill, but it made a nice climb up to an old road turned single track.  Went left here, and coasted generally downhill to the lower parking lot.  Took Lot-to-Lot to the upper parking lot for a rest.  Next, we took Upsy-Daisy to descend on Zippity-Do-Dah.  Both these trails were fun and singletrack.  Zippity drops up off at Chaos Corner.  Here we went left on the road for 1/4 mile to an unmarked singletrack along the fence.  We think they will be building trails out in this section of the property.  The path went for about 1/2 mile before ending at Alley Oop.

Francine climbing The Shoe 

Climbing Divine Intervention

There used to be another trail that continued on, but it might have been on private property, as the owner moved his fenceline this year, and the start of the trail is now on his property.
Francine riding thru the burn from a couple years ago on Dust To Glory

Francine on Waterbar Heaven

Here we went right on Alley Oop back to Chaos Corner.  Rolled up and down on Windsinger (which is much easier than Nuthatch - a road) to Grand Junction.  Climbed Morning Glory to High Five Junction.  Went right down Far East to Dust to Glory out to the North Junction.  Here we took our final descent down Waterbar Heaven to finish at Tim's Resort. They have been working on Waterbar Heaven, and time, has also turned it into a funner singletrack descent.  Finished with the 1/2 mile slight uphill on Cooper Ridge Road to the car.  15 fun miles.

Thursday, we opted out of biking.  Went to town and the museum and hung out at the lake.  Did we say is was hot?  97 degrees today.  The wind finally picked up in the afternoon, and Kevin made it out on his windsurfer.  We had calm weather on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Did we say that the lake is warm also?  Not sure how warm it will get in August.  A little unnerving for the lake to be so warm.
Kev out front of Lake Chelan Shores

Friday, our last day.  We headed up to Echo Ridge again to bike.  This time we parked on the paved road, at Switchback Alley (3000 feet).  Climbed that using our same ascent as Tuesday, ending at the upper parking lot.  Our plan was to ride Outback and Mallory's trail to the top, at 4324 feet.  Headed out No-Where to Hide, a doubletrack, to Spaghetti Junction.  Went right on road 8010 shortly to a left onto Little Critter to T-Bone dropping us out at North Junction.  Instead of descending Waterbar Heaven, we climbed Outback on the new sweet climbing trail.  Went right on the Outback loop and climbed to the top on Mallory's trail.  Nice new climbing trail.

Francine - Outback trail counter clockwise

Kevin at top of  Mallory's Trail at top of Outback Mountain

Francine signing journal at top of Outback Mountain
Francine descending Mallory's Trail

View of Lake Chelan 

Descending the only rocky section of Mallory's Trail

After finishing the Outback loop and returning to North Junction, we climbed Lickety Split to Big Critter to climb Far East, so we could descend on Morning Glory.  Went right onto Upsy-Daisy descended Lot-toLot to Divine Intervention to The Shoe and final descent on Switchback Alley.  Fun day.  19 miles.  The Trailforks app said 5,000 feet of climbing today, but we don't believe it.

July 9, Raging River

Brand new lollipop loop set to open this fall above North Bend.   New trail starts at Exit 27 and heads up Rattlesnake Ridge parallel to the West end of the hiking trail, then it loops down to the Raging River and back.  20 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing.   Trail is not officially open, but seems to have the green light by the builders.   It's probably in the best shape it will ever be, so get it soon.   Bring your climbing legs!   Loop should be done clockwise.

Francine nears the top of the climb up from the Raging River

Hmm, sporty

This was actually very rideable, just intimidating.


June 29, Last day of Vacation - Cooks Meadow and new Cooks Meadow Extension

Today is Kevin's 50th Birthday.

Last fall, they finally put in a connector trail that eliminates the 2 mile stretch of gravel road at the end of the Cooks Meadow Trail, to the top of the ride.  We heard it was snow free, with only a few trees to climb over, so we had to go for it.

Headed up the Knebal Springs Trail to the Super Connector.

Kevin and Hiker at intersection with Super Connector trail

Francine, Kevin, Holly and Seth
After the Super Connector, we rode Surveyor's Ridge trail to the start of the Cooks Meadow Trail.  Once the trail hits the road, we easily found the Cooks Meadow Extension.  It was a new, hand-built trail that got us off the gravel road, and climbed to the high point of 6,000 feet.

Holly Davis

Seth Davis

Holly on Cooks Meadow Extension


Seth and Holly at top of ride in the meadow at top of Cooks Meadow Trail  6000 feet

Holly and Seth

The descent on the Lookout Mountain trail back down to the 44Road was in the best shape we have ever ridden.  The berms were all intact, and you could really lean into all the corners, as they were still solid and not blown out.  All the trails in Hood River right are still super solid, due to the rain in mid June.  Primo conditions everywhere.  It will be hard to match these conditions again.  Plus the wild flowers were out.

Tonite we start packing and head home tomorrow.  It's been a busy, action packed month.  We will go home and rest from our vacation.

June 28, 8 Mile and Knebal Springs

Today Kevin took the day off to kite board.

Francine and Holly went out to the 44 Road area.  Holly wanted to ride more than the 10 miles Knebal Springs loop, so we rode both 8 Mile and Knebal Springs, for a 16 mile loop.  After we got home, Seth rushed up to do the same ride solo.

Holly near top of Knebal Springs climb.
This used to be a clear cut.  The trees are growing, and it was hard to find one with the usual view of Mt. Hood.

June 27, Kingsley Shuttle Again

Mt Hood across Kingsley Reservoir,     Photo by Holly

Route is dialed.   Trail conditions are still great.   Seth and Holly arrived yesterday.   Yesterday we did some loops starting from family man in Post Canyon.    This morning it was just Kevin and Holly.  Francine went to Yoga and took a needed day off from biking.  Seth was meeting a friend for a bike ride later in the day.  They did a monster ride with a friend (30+ miles), who amazingly lives about 5 houses down the street.  They rode up to the Kingsley Reservoir (where we have been shuttling) and back down.

Seth and Eli dropped Kevin and Holly off at Kingsley reservoir.   Great view across the lake looking back at Mt. Hood.    Saw one small trout caught.  Temps were almost cool.   Descent back to town was a lot of fun.

Holly enjoying day 2 in Hood River on Trail #133 Borderline

June 26, Monday, Manion Clan Departs

Good few days with the Manion clan    Got some good pedals and a few nice days at the beach.  It was Hot, like 100 degree hot.  Luckily it was slightly cooler at the river.  Heather and Kevin got the morning session before they check out of their rental by 11am and head back to Seattle.

Mike carves a turn near the finish of Mitchell Ridge Trail

Layla, Mike, Sunny, Eleni, and Heather,
 in front of their cute rental just 3 houses down the street.

June 25, Sunday Hood River

Today is going to be hot.  101 is predicted.

We celebrated Kevin's 50th birthday early, as Pat and Larry & Kris/Jack were around.

Kevin and Eleni

Kevin - the birthday boy

June 22 thru 24th, Thursday thru Saturday

The house fills up again.  Pat and Larry, and Kris and Jack arrived today. We had Larry drive us up to Kingsley, and Kris, Kevin and Francine had a fun evening run down Sexy Beast-Dirt Surfer, Bad Moto Scotter, Grand Prix, Middle School, 7Streams.  Kris had a great time and it was a fun ride.

Francine & Kris at road intersection of Dirt Surfer and Trail #160

Mike, Heather, Eleni, and twins Sunny and Laila came in late to their rental house, just 3 houses down the street.  With Mike and Heather trading out on kid duty, we had morning rides and later rides going on.

June 23, Friday had Kevin, Mike and Jack riding Post Canyon with a mini bump-shuttle to the "Near Family Man" area.
Jack near bottom of Mitchell Ridge trail

Later Friday, Francine and Heather had their turn.

Francine riding across Kingsley Reservoir at start of ride

Francine at end of Sexy Beast trail
Francine on Dirt Surfer

June 24, Saturday, Kevin had to drive home to work.  So, Heather and Jack had the first am shift, and Heather did the route-finding.

Jack on a flat section of the climb on Upper 8Track

Jack on Spaghetti Factory
Francine and Mike had the afternoon ride with the near Family Man mini-shuttle bump, riding 8Track, Bad Moto Scooter, Grand Prix, Spaghetti Factory and finishing on the original (closed) Mitchell Ridge trail.

Kevin came home from work and went out exploring on his moto bike.  He wanted to explore the Forest Service Trails to the west of the Post Canyon Trail 130.  He found some steep, narrow trails.