May 6, Red Fleet and LaPointe area, Vernal Ut.

Last day of the trip!  Next time we ride our legs might not be sore!  Started the day with Jazz-Chromolly(6.5 mi.), next to Red Fleet state park.  Then switched to the LaPointe area and did Corkscrew(10 mi.).   If you are looking for good dirt, this is it!  Smooooooth.   Best smooth dirt of the trip.  Best Hard stuff was the techy slick rock of Sovreign trail.   We enjoyed both Corkscrew and Jazz and highly recommend them.   Skip McCoy flats if you don't have time for all three areas.

May 5, McCoy Flats, Vernal Ut.

Well we finally made it to Vernal.  On our trip last year, we were rained out, both on the way to Fuita and on the way home.   We went to Altitude Cycles and asked where we should ride for the next two days.   They pretty much insisted we do McCoy Flats.  This desert area, west of town, seems to be where they are concentrating their trailbuilding efforts.  With over forty miles of trail, there is plenty of room to ride.  We were a little dissappointed that the area did not offer smoother dirt.   It had some trails with great flow, but there were always these little rocks coating the trail.  In the Vernal area we much preferred the Red-Fleet trails and Lapointe area, which had beautiful smooth dirt!   We started on Milk and Cookies, then Fire Sale, and Slippery When Wet.  We planned to finish on Retail Sale, but decided it finsished with a big climb.  We switched to Jackalope which was a steady 1,250 foot climb.  We passed by Serendipity, and in retrospect should have taken it.   Looked like cool flow down a valley.  Unfortunately Jackalope was very rocky off the top.   Still another great day of riding.   Just got to wonder when the legs will get chance to recover!

May 4, Road 18, Fruita, CO.

Running out of gas we did a short loop before Bill and Renee headed home.  Rode up Prime Cut, down Joe's ridge, up Sessel and back down Prime Cut for 8 miles.   A nice day, but I could skip road 18 area, with all the other quality trails around.

May 3, Western Rim Trail, CO.

Bill had mentioned his fear of heights yesterday on Troy Built Trail.   Today we decided to see how he would enjoy riding on the edge of the Western Rim Trail.  I don't think he fully appreciated the trail!  A classic ride.  Incredible scenery as the trail winds along the Mesa.       20 mile loop.

May2, Lions to Troy Built Trail, Fruita CO.

Back to Kokopelli area, one freeway exit West of Mary's off I40.   Rode Lion's and Troy Built to make a ten mile loop.

May 1, Butterknife Trail, Grand Junction, CO.

Brand new 8 mile singletrack that is on the East edge of the Lunch Loops.   Part of a motorized area, but didn't seen any motorcycles on the skinny Butterknife trail.   Unfortunately trail starts high and finshes with an 4 mile jeep road back to the top.  Definitely worth doing.

After the ride we hit Sonic Burger and refilled.   Then part two of the day, headed back to do Mary's and Horsethief with our friends Bill and Renee who drove in from Boulder.  Grand total of 20 miles for the day.

April 29. Sovreign Trail, Moab, UT.

With rain clouds blowing over Fruita, we headed West until we hit a clearing in the weather.  The Sovreign Trail had been on our hit list since our last trip to Moab.  We finally hit it, and it was probably our favorite ride on this trip.   The weather window lasted just long enough to keep us dry.  The views of the La Salle mountains, with fresh snow, were great.   Highly recommend this trail!  We did an out and back with a little figure eighting on some connecting trails.   Did 12 miles, but could have continued further out on the trail system if we were more motivated. 

April 28, Highline State park, CO.

With winds gusting to 60 miles, and Francine's shock getting rebuilt in the morning, we tried something different: Highline State Park 6.75 loop around a lake.   Site of the annual Fruita 18 hour race.   Very little elevation gain with smooth trail.   Nothing to ever go back for.   If you do the race, drink lots of beer  and ride a singlespeed to make it interesting.

April 27, Lunch loops, Grand Junction, CO.

Day 2, Up Pete Ekes/ Pre-nup, and down the Gunny loop.  12.5 miles.

April 26, Kokopelli Loops, Fruita CO.

Day 1 of our Colorado/Utah trip. Started the trip at the kokopelli area with a ride guaranteed to bring a good time. A true classic of the Fruita, Co. area. Rode Mary's to Horsethief, Steve's loop, then Moore fun back to the start. Hooked up with a couple of Canadian guys from Vancouver island. Ride was only 14.5 miles but the climb up Moore Fun imparted a good leg burn.

Francine with the Colorado river below.