Sept. 28 Virginia Ridge

We did a nice ride yesterday up at Sun Mountain.  We checked out a new trail called Woodpecker that starts up off Thompson Pass.  Great addition to their trail network.  Today we hooked up with the "Geezer" crew, who have a locals weekly ride for the old guys.   Doug Curtlo had offered to lead the group out into his backyard and do some trails on Virginia Ridge.   This area is pretty far off the radar and you won't find any maps for it.   We climbed up road then hit some barely used trails up on top of the ridge that offered outstanding views.   Doug linked together the trails and led us on a fun descent back to his back door.  Great way to finish our trip in Winthrop.

Doug points out his house on the valley floor to Don

Steve on his fat bike and Curt?

Dennis, Doug's neigbour

Sept. 26, Buck Mt. Winthrop, Wa.

Drove out to Winthrop the see Don Hecker's new house in Winthrop.  Started our weekend with a ride that is always fun, the Buck Mountain loop.  Trail was a little loose but still a good time, and the views were great.

Don with Mt. Gardner in the background

Francine with Val right behind.



Sept 24, Sasse Ridge Trail

Not sure why, but have not made it away from Snoqualmie Pass for much dirt bike riding.   Finally carved out enough time to hook up with Scott and drive down to Lake Cle Elum.   Rode up the ridge connecting some old roads and trails, then hit the Sasse Ridge Trail.  Great views from the top of the trail before we descended back down into the Teanaway.   Buzzed around on the user built trails and had a fun time.  Trails were in great shape, but could use some moisture to knock down the dust.

Sept. 19, Tokul

Met up at my brother's house to do a quick pre Husky game ride.   Managed to get a good crew.  Kelly, Scott, Francine, Ross, Greg and Kevin.  This was Greg's second time on a mountain bike this month, and the second time in maybe twenty years.  The goal was ride up Tokul East, catch the Golden Spike trail over to West Tokul and get home without doing too much damage to Greg.   I think Kelly may have hit the ground the hardest, so day turned out pretty good.  Roots were slippery, but the dirt was tacky and good fun was had by all.

Greg and Francine in the clearcut

Scott, Kelly, and Ross

Random Shots

I was running through the few shots that are on my cell phone and thought I would throw a few up.
Scott,small pond up behind Hyak, Sept 16

Shot from back in June - Jack "slim" Weber gets ready to raft the White Salmon

Jim, Kevin, and Ziggy at Mirror Lake

My KTM in the backyard

Bonus Shot

Sept. 1-4, Whistler Bike Park

Headed up to Whistler for three days of lift served biking on the mountain and one day riding in the valley.  Boys trip with Jason, Steve, and Scott.

Last run of the first day.        Kevin looking wet on  A-Line

Jason and Steve

Olympic moment



Scott and Kevin take a coffee break in village

Scott - fresh snow in the distance