Sept. 27 - Whistler - Lost Lake Trails

We rode with Lori over to Lost Lake.  We split up as we were going to do the Zappa Trails, while she was going to hit Molly Hogan and the other nice crushed gravel loops.  The dirt was sweet, but the wood could have been a tad drier.  Climbed Tin Pants to Gypsy Drum and then hit the singletrack.  Climbed Dinah Moe Humm to Disco Boy to The Torture Never Stops to Fountain of Love.  Started a descent on Pinocchio's Furniture to Dwarf Nebula to Zoot Allures to Toads of the Short Forest to Gee I like Your Pants to Son of Mr. Greene Genes and our final descent on Jellyroll Gumdrop.  Here we crossed the river and made our way to the float plane dock.
Francine and Tom at intersection on Pinocchio's Furniture

Francine & Kev on Pinocchio's Furniture

Tom on Jellyroll Gumdrop

Float Plane on Green Lake
Lori made her way to the ski jumps at Blackhomb.
Lori at base of ski jumps
Whistler Olympics statues all around Squamish and Whistler


After some snacks, we made our way on the paved trail to Whistler to meet Lori.  We actually ran into her on the trail.  Finished on the Fitz Trail to our car in Lot 5, before getting coffee/muffin at The Lift coffee shop at the base of Whistler.  Did some shopping and resting by the center near the winter Ice Skating rink before calling it a day and driving the cars back to Creekside to our unit.  Nice short rest day on the bike.
Kevin and Francine resting while Lori was power shopping

Sept. 26, Whistler - Trash and Riverside Trails

We rode with Tom and Lori down Old Millar Creek trail to Function Junction.  We said goodbye to Lori and hit the Trash Trail.  The rocks were quite slippery, so we cut out on Just Another Bike Trail and took that out to the road.  Descended on the Sea to Sky Trail to the suspension bridge to the Train Wreck.
Francine and Kevin at waterfall on Trash Trail

Tom at waterfall at Trash Trail

Suspension bridge from Trash to Train Wreck trails
Part of an actual trail wreck - there are at least 6-7 old train cars strewn here

Retraced our path on the Sea to Sky trail to the road.  Pedaled thru the employee housing built for the 2010 Olympics to make our way to the Riverside Trail.  Climbed to the bridge and crossed the river and descended on Farside trail to the paved path and made our way back to the Sundance Condos that Tom and Lori rented.  Got back just as it started to rain and joined Lori in the hot tub.

Sept. 24-25, North Vancouver

We are heading up to Whistler with Tom and Lori to stay until Wednesday, 28th.  We booked a last minute room at the Lonsdale Quay Hotel in North Vancouver for Saturday night.  Had a nice drive to North Vancouver, and had a mellow night.  Hotel was right near the Seabus to downtown Vancouver, and many locals were dressed and heading to the big city for the evening.  On the ground floor we had the Lonsdale Quay Market, with tons of shops and options for breakfast.  Quite a tourist spot.

Got up in the morning and after a quick stop at the bike shop for a map, hit up Seymour mountain.  Climbed up Old Buck to a left on Baden Powell to the powerlines and a straight on Mushroom Trail to the top of Dales.  Rode the top section of Dales and went left when the berms ended and climbed back up to Mushroom Trail and the powerlines.  Went down the Powerlines to Severed D to descend on John Deere for our first descent of the day.

Climbed Cardiac Bypass to Academy Climb to RC Connector to Penny Lane to Sir Martin to climb back up to the Baden Powell.  Retraced our path and climbed to the power lines and retraced our path to Severed D.  Went right  onto C-Buster to Asian Adonis and descended to the Bridle Trail.  The Bridle Trail is basically an old road/creek bed that was a waste of downhill loss of elevation.  Made a wrong turn, and descended to the golf course, before climbing back up to the Bridle Trail and finding Empress Bypass to get us back to the bottom of Old Buck and back to the car.  We ran into some locals that said to park at the Hyannis lot the next time we are there, for better singletrack  to and from the car.  13 miles.  Got in the car and drove to Whistler.

Tom and Lori stayed in Bellingham Saturday night, and rode the Interurban Trail south from Fairhaven.  Then they got up real early to beat the border crossing lines on a Sunday.

Lori on Interurban Trail south of Bellingham/Fairhaven

July 19, Moto Sasse Trail

Hooked up with John M and Scott Sumner to trailer down to Lake Cle Elum.  Rode the Sasse Trail up Hex Mt. as an out and back, then hit some of the non-sanctioned trails in the area.  Good times.  Nice to have some wet weather to pack down the trails.

Scott pops a wheelie for the camera guy.

Top of Hex Mt in the distance

John above Lake Cle Elum

Sept. 18 Sage Hills, Wenatchee

Francine heading down Snakebite

Made the drive down to Wenatchee for some smooth trails in the sunshine.  

Extra elevation above Apple Crisp

Sept. 2, Mansion Trails - Ellensburg

Rain, rain.   Doppler check showed Ellensburg staying dry, so we packed the car with my brother Kelly and Francine.  We headed down to exit 101, before Ellensburg, and cruised through the farmland to Cove Rd. and the start of the Manastash area trails.   Usually we would have been down in the Spring to sample these trails, but with a dry Spring on the Westside, we never made it.  The climb was a grunt, as usual, but we were happy to see the trail network was expanding up on  the higher slopes.   We would have liked to explore more, but with rain threatening, we turned tail and retraced our uptrack to the car.  12 miles, lot's climbing.   Highly recommend this area for people who like to climb.  The fall colors were great, and it was nice to do the ride on a cloudy day.

Kelly leads the climb up "Chest Pains"

Trails Up: Chest Pain,  Clifford, Cougar Bait, Mrs Robinson.  On the down Jeep Rd to Cougar Bait,  Clifford, Chest Pain, RIP Line, Pink Pelvis Connector to Chest Pain to K-Pac to finish.

Next time want to check out Gunsmoke to Frisky Donkey to Chin Biter to Gnomenclature and then?