Feb 22, Funnel Coolie

The Funnel Run

Greg carves up the top.

Kevin finding some soft snow

This is where it gets interesting. Gold creek can be seen at the bottom of the valley.

Well I hadn't seen Greg in quite a while. Unfortunately between the restaurant, the bad snow year, and his dad falling ill, he has not been able to ski much. So, with the weather calling for rain on Sunday, I did not really expect to see him. I was having a nice breakfast of french toast and bacon with Francine when, at 8:57, I get a call from Greg. "Hey I am on the Alpental road. Are you ready to ski?" I quickly invited him over to the house, and started to shower and get my gear together. Greg was not too picky on what he wanted to ski, so I took him to the house window and pointed out the Funnel Run across the valley. I had lived at Hyak for ten years, and still had not skied what looked to be an excellent ski line. I had scoped out the approach last week, so quickly cruised up to the base of the funnel. The snow was about 4" deep of crusty snow. Skinning went quick, and soon we were at the crux, below the funnel. We strapped the skis on our packs and booted up the spout of the funnel. Once out of the constriction, we were able to put our skis back on and skin up to the ridge. We ended up at the top right corner of the funnel. After a quick peek over the backside, and a little lunch we started our ski descent. First turns were a little sketch, then we caught some nice powder lingering near the trees. We gingerly skied through the constriction, where an exposed rock demanded careful navigating, then we enjoyed some smooth snow, warmed by the nice weather, down to the logging road approach. Good to ski a new line! Nice to finally tour with Greg.

Feb 16, Mt. Roosevelt Circumnavigation

Hooked up with Scott and Seth with the goal of expanding our boundaries. Eager to go somewhere new, we climbed over the shoulder of Roosevelt and dropped into a new valley. The snow was variable but we got a lot of turns. Was fun to explore some new terrain and will have to go back with better weather and snow.

Feb 12, North Slope Chair Peak

Skinning higher on the N. slope of Chair Peak

Switchbacks to Pow!

Frank skis the powder

Frank had looked out on the N. slope of chair from the ridgeline, but had not skied it due to poor conditions. Today the sheltered N. slope was one of the few places to hold powder. When we crested the ridgline, Frank with ice axe in hand, we were happy to see good snow. We quickly climbed higher then dropped in for powder turns all the way down to Snow Lake. Nice day!

"X" Run Feb. 9, 2009

The view of Hyak from the top
Interesting Terrain

Waiting for the shuttle

It was getting late in the day and I had some energy to burn. From our house at Hyak, we can look across the valley and see a couple of runs off the close end of rampart ridge. One, I call the funnel couloir, and the other, which drops off from the summer hanglider launch point, the X run. This due to their shapes. The X is due to how they logged off the hillside. I have always looked at these runs, meaning to do them some day. However since you need a snow park permit to park at Gold Creek, I never quite got over there. Today with Francine offering to drop off and pick me up, I decided to do an exploratory tour to locate the route to the funnel run. Headed up the Ski-Tur Valley road(gold creek valley) and then branched off towards Rampart on a well defined logging road. The trail had obviously been well traveled by snowshoers and some skiers. Happily the logging road led right up to the base of the Funnel couloir. Due to dusk, I started at 3:30, I didn't have time to do the Funnel, but thought I could make it up to the hanglider launch site. Connected logging roads for an easy tour to the top. Switched to down hill and made the very steep jaunt back down to the road. Some very nice terrain. Will definitely be back!

Feb. 4, Silver Peak, elev. 5,495

Frank booting for the summit. Lake Annette below

Summit shot

Looks kinda steep!

Kevin on top.

Frank skis the spring corn on the South slope of Silver
With variable snow conditions, decided to give Silver Peak a try. The approach is a little long but with a variety of slope aspects, figured we could find some good snow. Cheated a little, and took the new Silver Fir quad to gain acces to the upper cross country trail system. Followed the buff crosscountry trail all the way up to the main gulley that accesses Silver's north bowl. Gained the west ridge and looked down on Lake Annette. In previous attemps I had always been stymied in my attempts to traverse the Lake Annette side of the ridge to gain a more gentle and southerly route to the summit of Silver. Today the conditions were perfect and after a little booting we made the summit. Dropped off the South side directly from the summit. Neither Frank or I had skied these slopes. With good sun exposure turned out to be some sweet turns! Definitely neeed to come back on a powder day when the turns would be good all the way down to twin lakes. As it was we made a descending traverse back to windy pass, then over nordic pass and back to our cars at central. Frank said it had indeed been a circumnavigation of Silver Peak.