Dec 24, Brandon Kern Hyak Invitational Randonee Race

Hmm, got an email last week from Brandon.  He wanted to do a casual randonee race at Hyak on Christmas Eve morning.  I told him that it sounded like too much effort.  The format was two hours of racing up and down the front of Hyak.   Greg Louie thought this sounded like fun, so he quickly forwarded the invite to his list of ski partners.  Well, race day dawned, 33 degrees and raining.  Since lift served skiing was going to be poor today, Francine and I motivated out of bed and made it to Hyak at the early 7:50 hourish.  I told myself I only had to do one lap.

Turns out we had about 15 hardy souls willing to get out of bed early to ski in the rain.

Of course, Seth was race favorite, with a history of dominating when it came to pain suffering.  Here he trails Brandon.  I think Brandon managed to keep the lead for two laps before Seth made his move.

John Stimberis about to get lapped by Seth

Seth, the machine


Turned out to be a great way to spend the morning. I even managed to do 3 laps as I tried to keep an enjoyable pace.

Early Results:
Seth Davis 6 laps, 6,000 ft.
Brandon Kern 6 laps
John Mauro 5 laps
Greg Louie 4.5 laps
Heather Kern 4
Crispin Prahl 4 +
Holly Walker 4
Kevin Curd 3
John Stimberis 3
Elissa  Eng 3
Melissa 3
Francine Curd 2
Ann 2
Cindy 2

Dec. 20 Catherine Again

It's funny, some years I never even ski Mt. Catherine.  This year it seems to be the fall back tour.  Greg wanted to get out for some exercise, so depite what looked like lousy conditions we headed for Catherine again.  Got our exercise, but the skiing was pretty awful.

Dec 13, Mt. Catherine

Dragged Tom out for another tour of Mt. Catherine.   The 3,000 foot ascent/descent took a little under four hours, from the house.  Snow was not blower powder, but for how long it has been since our last snowfall, it is holding up surprisingly well.  Didn't see many tracks leftover from the weekend.  I think the powder snobs are holding out for more snow.

Dec. 12, Hyak Lap

Plan was to do a little Mt. biking in Issaquah, but with a huge fog bank in the city we decided to join Tom and his buddy Brad for a ski tour at Hyak.  Weather was bluebird and the mountains were out.  Brad was taking his first tour, so enjoyed the easy skinning at Hyak.  Unfortunately the snow was a little crunchy for his powder skis.  However, was perfect day to test the new equipment.

Francine and Kevin pose for possible xmas card photo.

Dec. 9, Mt. Catherine

Started at the house with the intention of skinning up to Nordic Pass via. the start of the Mt. Catherine tour.   Tried to follow the drainage to Nordic Pass, but eventually decided to just climb to the top of Catherine.  Snow was actually pretty decent and had a good ski down.  Seems even steeper with less snow.  Ground coverage was a little lumpy but still skied well.

Dec 5, Silver Peak

Beautiful sunny day for a tour out to Silver Peak.  Managed to get sucked into the Frog Lakes vortex on the way home.  Still not sure why I always have to get turned around when I use Nordic Pass to get home.   Good day for a long tour.

Francine and Greg on the way up.