Nov 20-22, Big White Ski Area, Canada

Well, it's been raining a lot around Seattle lately.   While watching the rain and trying to escape to eastern Washington, I did notice that it appeared all that rain was hitting  interior British Columbia and falling as snow.  In fact it looked like Big White was off to a banner season.  I convinced Francine to take a day off work and got her friend Sue to join up for our adventure.   We left the house around 2:30pm on Thursday, and arrived at Big White at 10:00 with a stop for dinner in Omak at Rancho Chico. 

Yes!!       Worth the Seven Hour Drive

Sue skis the soft stuff


Francine carving

Great two and a half days of skiing.   Friday was fairly quiet with only the Ridge Runner chair open, but great snow.   Saturday, the crowds came out to enjoy the opening of two more high speed quads and get at the  foot of powder that fell earlier in the week.  Sunday, Francine and I  skied 3 hours, and got our final leg workout before heading home.

Nov 14, Rocky Top, Yakima

Ran east with Francine to escape the rain.  Rocky Top was, well, rocky.   It made you really appreciate the smooth sections.   Did about 13 miles.

Nov. 13 Sunshine, Dirt Bike outside Thorpe, Wa.

Well maybe not sunshine, but a lack of rain was certainly nice.  Drove east on I-90 until the rain stopped(about Cle Elum) and parked at Elk Heights.   Our timing was excellent and we had fairly dry conditions until the end of our ride.

Nov. 1, Flyboard in Puerto Vallarta

Lift-off,  Kevin
After a week in Sayulita, we headed down to Puerto Vallarta for two more days.   Scott and Diane have been coming to PV for twenty years and showed us a couple of good places to eat.   Not wanting to get too boring, Scott and I signed up for one of the tourist activities.   They call it flyboarding.   You are strapped into what looks like a wakeboard with jet nozzles attached.   The board is powered off an umbilical cord that provides the jetpower from a nearby jetski.   It definitely took some balance, but was pretty crazy.  Once you felt comfortable hovering over the water, you could dive under water, then propel yourself back out of the water.

The girls chill on the beach

Scott Flying


Oct. 27 Paddle Sayulita

Headed down to Sayulita Mexico for a week with our neighbors Scott and Diane.   Really enjoyed the quaint surf town of Sayulita.   The surf never stopped, and there was always a group of surfers and paddle boarders catching a wave.   This trip was a bit strange vacation for Francine and I, as we didn't bring mountain bikes or skis.   I can't really remember going on vacation and not playing hard.   We made up for playing hard by eating well at the restaurants in town.   The food was great and we had night after night of good eating.  We did get out on the water a little bit, body-surfing, boogy boarding, and paddle boarding.   We tried a little surfing on the paddle boards, but didn't look too professional.  The day of these pictures the surf was pretty big, and we had to time it out carefully to get beyond the surf.

Checking the waves, before we try to get out

The gang


Diane and Scott


Oct 21, Dirt Biking above Lake Cle Elum

More dirt biking with Scott and Vic.   With recent rains, could not have asked for better conditions.

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