July 22-24, Winthrop Mountain Biking

Kevin rides through the wildflowers below Cooney Lake


Val rides the rocks

The Hecker's on Buck Mt. Loop

Francine chugs up Buck Mt. Loop

When the Hecker's invited us to Winthrop, we checked the weather forecast - HOT. Oh well, can't pass up a free place to stay. Don assured us we would be up so early we would beat the heat. Day 1 - Cooney Lake. Originally we were thinking of doing Angel Staircase, for a 22 mile loop, but after grunting up 8 miles to Cooney Lake, at 7,200 feet, we were ready to throw in the towel. We enjoyed the views and wildflowers and headed back to the car. Finished the day, soaking up the 107 degree weather in the river.
Day 2 - Rode from town up to the great trails at Sun Mt. lodge, Radar Creek, Magpie, Rodeo, Black Bear and back down the Winthrop trail for an easy 20 miles. Day 3 found us on the Buck Mt. loop. The Hecker's, Don, Val, and Sean quickly dropped Francine and I as our legs were a little weary. Did the high loop which was new to us, and enjoyed great views and a stellar descent. It was HOT, but definitely a nice week.

July 11, Crystal Mt. Northway to Henskin Lakes

Don checks out the view of Mt. Rainier as we near the top of our climb.

Francine cruises through "Lucky Shot"

Beautiful views, a little early for the flowers.

Don approaches Henskin Lake
Don requested a long ride. Not really wanting to do a long ride, I substituted a hard ride. One of my favorite climbs is up the Northway trail to the top of Crystal Mt. ski area. Six miles and 3,000 feet of steady climbing bring you to the top restaurant at Crystal. Trail was in great shape with only a couple of snow patches lingering from winter. The views, as usual were astounding.

June 30, Echo Ridge - Lake Chelan

It was the annual Curd family trip to Lake Chelan. In search of a little exercise we headed up to Echo Ridge to ride a mix of old roads and singletrack.

Jack "Easyrider" cruises the trail

The crew, Kevin, Kelly, Francine, Jack, Kristin, Jennifer

Heading for the "Shoe" singletrack

Jen Jack