Sept. 10, Miller Time Again

Miller was so good last week, that I hooked up with Eric Smith and did it again! 

Sept. 4, Miller Peak

Hooked up with my neighbor Matt Karaus, and got off the pass for a ride.  Seems like every time this summer that I went riding with Matt it seemed to rain.   Well me made up for all the rain today!  Drove past Liberty on Blewitt/97 highway and unloaded the bikes for 32 miles of excellent riding.  Took Teanaway Ridge trail to Iron Bear, to Miller Peak trail, and then back down County Line making a lollipop loop.

                   Steep switchbacks and excellent scenery on the way to the top of Miller Peak

Hanging out below the summit of Miller Peak                                         Matt keeping it on the trail.

                    Kevin                                                                                                         Matt