April 22, Fringes of Red and the Kendall Katwalk

Crispin prepares to slide into the unknown.

I had a plan.  Do something new.  How about a circumnavigation of Red?  With new snow firmly bonded to old we made excellent time to Red Pass (2hr).  Unfortunately our luck ran out at the pass.  A persistent gray layer was obscuring our 1,700 foot descent into the unknown.  Our chute was firm and hard and we could only hope it went through.  In a moment of caution we decided to retreat.  We made turns back down to the SW edge of Red then climbed up the drainage between Red and Kendall.   At the ridge we headed North in search of the famed Kendall Katwalk.  We found it cloaked in a layer of snow, except for a small patch where we had lunch.  The turns back down were the best of the day, and all agreed it was a good way to spend the day.



Kendall Katwalk

April 19, Rat Pack, Roslyn, Wa.

Rat Pack is snow free and in excellent shape!  Get it before it gets dusty.  Ran into trail creator Michael who was busy tweaking the trail for optimum flow.   Also, the trails above Roslyn are in excellent shape.  The newer trails built by Norton and friends in the last couple of years make the climb up to the ridge a lot more interesting. 

April 9, Sage Hills, Wenatchee, Wa.

Francine crosses a canyon draw with groovy sand formations

Headed home from the hills

Headed back to the East side of the mountains for more sunshine.  This time we went to Wenatchee and rode right out of town.  Parked at the end of Fifth St. and rode up into the Sage Hills area.   The trail was smooth and buff, with the challenge being some of the steeper climbs and a few narrower trails as we ventured higher up.   A great ride for the cardio, but not very technical and only about 12 miles of trail. 

April 5, Cowiche Canyon, Yakima

Headed East for more sunshine.  Cowiche Canyon was in perfect shape with smooth trail and lots of wild flowers.

April 3, Kendall Tree Skiing

Northwest Avalanche rates danger at HIGH above 4,000'.   HIGH means natural and human triggered slides likely.  Travel in avalanche terrain not recommended!  Thanks to dire warnings, our crew of 6 had the entire Kendall area to ourselves.  With new snow in last 24 hours reported between 13" and 24" we were in a good position for some extremely good powder skiing.   With our crew of 6 rotating breaking trail, we quickly busted a beautiful skin track up to treeline in the Kendall basin.   With abundant energy and great snow we made mutiple 1,000 foot runs.   After four laps I was cooked, but Seth, Crispin, and Jon stuck it out for at least one more run.    Didn't get many ski shots since the skiing was so good, it was hard to stop and pull out the camera.  Not to mention it was hard to catch someone before they flew by.


Crispin enters the white room

Seth                                           Kevin

The crew, Ian, Seth, Jon, Crispin, Kevin, and Greg took the picture