Jan. 27, 2010 Slot Couloir, Snoq. Mt.

I checked my email before heading to bed and had an email from Crispin Prahl.  We had skied the Alpental backcountry on Tuesday and talked about hooking up for a tour.  Well Crispin had dug up one of his usual conspirators, Jeremy Allyn,  and was planning on a 7:20 am start to ski the Slot Couloir on the North side of Snoqualmie Mt..    I usually try to enjoy my sleep, so I ignored his email and figured if I woke up and was motivated, I would find them in the parking lot.  I managed to get out of bed, and since I only live ten minutes away, managed to be late (7:22).  I arrived to see Crispin and Jeremy already skinning up the slope below the Phantom Slide.   Kindly they waited for me to catch up.  A skin track had been put in on Tuesday, that led directly to the slot entrance.  We made it to the top of the slot in a quick two hours.  The group yesterday was only two skiers, and the slot looked like it had plenty of fresh snow.  Pretty much a perfect day.Good ski partners, an easy skin track to follow, and perfect snow conditions.  Glad I got out of bed!

Crsipin, all smiles, perched on the edge of  the Slot Couloir

Jeremy slips into position


Kendall Ridge, January 16, 2010

We tried to gain enough elevation to get above yesterday's rain event.  I think we need a taller mountain.  Well, the skin up was good.  The ski down was a little tougher.  Glad I didn't invite anyone besides Seth and Greg.  They don't seem to mind skinning for two hours to ski horrendous snow.  They seem to actually enjoy it.

Greg skinning up the ridge from Kendall Knob

Seth headed for the ridge top

Summit!!, well at least the summit ridgeline



Jan. 8, 2010 Silver Peak

Definitely a little harder finding quality turns in the backcountry this year.  When Chris Bamer shot  me an email looking for a tour this week, I told him Summit West might be as good as it gets.  Well,  to be a little more adventurous, we headed out to Silver Peak.  Open slopes and a groomed cross country trail for access made the decision relatively easy.  We didn't find any good turns, but enjoyed the views and  got some good exercise. 

Chris with Granite in the distance

Snow conditions were firm rain runneled slopes. 

High winds kept us away from the summit. Poor snow coverage on the Annette Lake side of the ridge.