Oct. 26, Day 1 of Ski season. Muir, Mt. Rainier

Time to get the dust off the skis. Headed to Paradise, at Mt. Rainier, for the annual fall rite of getting in the first turns of the season on the Paradise snowfield. Hooked up with Greg Louie, who was working on month number 50, for his streak of skiing every month. Also, had Michael T. who flew in from Switzerland to get in some good ski turns. We checked out the new visitor center, then started the hike to Pebble Creek. From Pebble Creek we strapped on the skis and worked our way up to Camp Muir. The sun came out in full force, and the weather was perfect. Enjoyed creamy turns on the way down, then made quick work of the hike back down, dodging the groups of tourists that the good weather brought out.

Oct. 24, 2008. Final Insp. on new Garage!

My two year summer project finally comes to a close. With great trepidation, I scheduled my final inspection from Kittitas Co.. It Passed! This year our cars will be living in comfort, and next year we will have a great deck to hang out on. Hopefully, this is the last of my large home projects.

Oct.8, Moto - Easton to Naches

Started in Easton, then rode a mix of roads and trails over to Whistlin Jacks in Cliffdell on highway 410. Total of 90 miles for the day. We saved the most technical trail for the end of the day, and I think we were all pretty bushed by the time we made it back to Easton.

Oct 7, Rat Pack, Roslynn Wa.

Francine was ready to ride, and I needed a break from getting the garage finished. So, we headed East to Roslynn and enjoyed the great fall weather. Trails were sweet.