June 23 - Post Canyon & Kiting

Kelly is enjoying free time here until Monday as the girls are all out of town.  Jen and Hillary are in California for a lacrosse tournament, and Hannah is on a graduation roadtrip with 3 friends.  Hannah and her friends will all stay with us on Sunday night.  Scott was able to take a kite lesson at 10:30am, due to a cancellation.  We had a super lazy morning, as yoga wasn't until 12noon.

After that Francine and Kelly went biking at Post Canyon.  After some confusing shuttling logistics, they got a car parked at Family Man.  Climbed up 8Track to the top.  Descended on Bad Moto Scooter to GP to Lower GP.  Climbed shortly on Spaghetti Factory to the new "Sisters-Wives"? trail that connects to Kleeway.  Rode down the roadside trails in Post Canyon and pedaled to the house.  Trails are super fun.

Francine on Upper 8Track

Francine at bottom of Lower GP

Kevin was already down at the Marina with Scott and Diane, doing some more chair - butt kiting.  Kelly met them to take a try.

Kevin continuing to butt kite and get pulled down the beach

June 22 - Post Canyon - Dirt Surfer shuttle

Kevin and Kelly ran into their cousin Tom Anderson yesterday at the beach.  Tom was coming in off the water from kiting, and we were hanging on the grass at the Event Site.  We invited Tom and his friend, Dana, to join Kelly, Francine and Scott on a shuttle from Kingsley Reservoir - Dirt Surfer.   They were in.
Kingsley Reservoir drop off - Scott, Kelly, Tom, Francine and Dana

Dana, Scott, Francine and Kelly

Dana, Tom, Kelly and Scott

Kevin and Diane were the shuttle Drivers (2 cars), since we had 5 bikers. We have had some rain here in the Gorge, and it made the climb, quite nice, relatively speaking, on the super rocky ATV trail #197 for the 1.25 mile climb to the start of #170 Dirt Surfer.   From here it is generally downhill to the Post Canyon Trails.  At the bottom, we went right and hit Spaghetti Factory #116.  We climbed Spaghetti Factory to its end, passing by the top of Mobius and headed out to Mitchell Ridge #110 for the finish.  When this dropped down to the road, we rode out the end of the Seven Streams trail and pedaled to the house with a tailwind.  The dirt was perfect in Post Canyon.  15 miles.

June 20 - Extreme Chair Kiting

Kevin wanted to try his new trainer kite out again.  The last time we tried, there wasn't enough wind.  We parked down by the Marina.  He kept getting dragged down the beach from the kite.  It was actually hilarious to watch.

This is when I first realized Kevin was not sitting in the chair anymore.

Kevin getting pulled down wind from our chairs.

Kite continues to pull Kevin downwind.

June 20 - 44 Road - Bottle Prairie Trail to Kneibel Springs Trail

Scott and Diane arrived to their rented house yesterday, Sunday, 19th.  Today, we convinced Diane to join Francine and Scott on this 10 mile loop.  This time, like we didn't do with Lori, we set Diane up on Kevin's bike.  She powered up the first climb, and we all enjoyed the descent down.  The recent rains really solidified the trail, and the berms were all bermy and solid.  Today, the descent was so much better than when we took Tom and Lori.

Hmph.  We had to make the climb back out.   I keep forgetting how much of a grunt this climb is.  This ride is a little reverse, as in there is a climb at the end.  Luckily, you do get to finish the last 3/4 mile on a downhill.  Unfortunately, one of the last loose corners got the better of Diane.  She went over the bars, and scraped her shoulder, elbow, nose, cheek, knees, and her dignity.  Luckily we did not have to go to the doctor.  Bummer way for her to end the ride.  She said she was having fun.  She even said the climb was ok, as she wanted to get in a workout today.   9.8 miles.

June 17-19 - Sally and mom arrive

Friday - After a lazy morning, Francine followed Kevin around on a mellow pavement pedal.  Mom and Sally arrived on Friday afternoon.  Dad didn't make it this weekend, as he came down with a cold.  We made a stop at the fish stand for fresh indian caught salmon for dinner.

Saturday - Francine took mom to a beginners Yoga class.  She said it was her first class, and she really enjoyed it.  Then off to get pies.  Stopped at the Apple Valley Country Store and pre-purchased our 14 pies.  They were a little overwhelmed with our request.  We went on to Parkdale for lunch at The Solera Brewery.  Then made our way back to pick up our pies.  They had quite a line up to check-out, and it was sure nice we had already pre-paid.  We left Kevin at home to rest his foot.

Yes, that's right - 14 frozen pies.  2 cooked, 2 left for Kevin, 5 for Dad, and 5 for Sally.

That afternoon, we were supposed to go to Mosier to the Analemma winery, but mom needed a nap, and we took it easy.  We did make it to Henny's in White Salmon for a nice dinner.  Kent, the guy we are renting from, lives on the Washington side, and recommended the place.  We will return.

Sunday - Mom has been out walking and exploring the neighborhood each morning.  Thanks to all the veges and eggs that both Sally and mom brought, we ate very hardy greens with eggs for breakfast each day.

June 10-12, Post Canyon Francine and Heather tear it up

Saturday - Francine and Heather, up at Kingsley reservoir,
 ready for a lap on dirt surfer.
Our friends, Heather and Mike arrived with their daughter Eleni, 3 years old  and twin girls Laila and Sunny (5 months) from Seattle last night around 11pm.  After a sleepless night for Heather and Mike,  feeding twins can keep you up most of the night, Francine and Heather made their way to the Post Canyon trailhead. Mike was on kid duty for the weekend, so Heather was getting some quality bike time. The girls rode up Seven Streams #100 to the Family Man area.  Circled around in that area before heading up 8-Track to the top.  Then we headed down #158 Bad Moto Scooter to #158 Grand Prix - GP to lower GP.  Climbed up #116 Spaghetti Factory to the new connector "Sisters-Wives" that connects to the new Kleeway flow trail.  This was Heather's first experience on the flowy bermy trails, and she loved them.  9.75 miles.

Saturday - top of Spaghetti Factory/Mobius.  Heading out to finish on Mitchell Ridge Trail

It rained really had on Friday night, so we waited until later in the day to ride.  Took a stop at the kids wooden play structure on Eugene and 9th with Eleni.  Then hit the taco truck in town for lunch, and a quick look at the Saturday farmer's market.

Kevin was the shuttle Driver again.  This time he drove to the correct drop-off spot at the Kingsley Reservoir.  Heather and Francine crossed the dam on the upper Reservoir, and started up ATV trail #197 for 1.25 miles to the start of #170 Dirt Surfer.   From here it is generally downhill to the Post Canyon Trails.  At the bottom, we went right and hit Spaghetti Factory #116.  We climbed Spaghetti Factory to its end, passed by the top of Mobius and headed out to Mitchell Ridge #110 for the finish.  When this dropped down to the road, we rode out the end of the Seven Streams trail and pedaled to the house.  14.75 miles.

Saturday - start of Dirt Surfer

For their Sunday ride, Francine and Heather rode up Seven Streams to the Mobius trail.  The new Mobius trail is in a clearcut, but since we started riding at 9:30am, and there was a breeze, the temps were pleasant.  At the top of Mobius, we went left, and down on #116 Spaghetti Factory to the Family Man area.  Went down #108 flow trail to the new Float-On flow trail which connects into Kleeway.  Rode those bermy trails to the end of Kleeway.  Moved onto Seven Streams and out to the car.  9 or 10 miles.  Great three days with our friends.

Never a dull moment
Kevin getting a little foot friendly action

June 6, Surveyor's Ridge to Oakridge Trail and dinner at Fiorini's

Tom and Francine in front of Mt. Hood
Thanks to gimpy, we got droopped off at the the top of the Dog River trail.  Instead of blasting down Dog River, we headed out on Surveyor's Ridge.   After several climbs on what was suppose to be generally downhill, we dropped out on Oakridge Trail to our car, that Kevin had stashed.   Unfortunately the upper portion of Oakridge trail had been logged out.  What was once large trees and pine needle trail was now a clearcut.  Thankfully the bottom of the trail was still intact and we could finish on a high note.   14.6 miles  Riders:  Francine, Greg, and Tom Davies.

Greg getting the shot
Francine with Mount Hood in full glory

For our evening festivities, our group of 6, Greg, Mike O'brien, Lori, Tom, Francine, and Kevin headed to dinner at Jeff and Sally Fiorini's.  They have a super cute house they have owned for about 30 years in town.  Good times.

Greg, Kevin, Sally, Mike, Jeff, Lori and Tom on deck at Fiorini's

June 5 - Shuttle Drop from Binn's Hill

Francine and Greg on Dirt Surfer

The original plan for today was a shuttle drop off at the Kingsley Reservoir, to ride the entire Dirt Surfer Trail.  We made a wrong turn in the car, and only made it to the Binn's Hill trailhead.  So, we made the attempt to climb to the Dirt Surfer #140 trail.  Headed out ATV #180 to Moto #170.  At the next intersection, instead of going right, we went left and climbed/hiked higher than we needed.  They seemed to have closed down a trail that should have taken us up to the Dirt Surfer Trail #140.  After bushwacking wih no success, Francine and Greg retreated back down the hill to Tom.  Lost some unnecessary elevation on the way to the connector to Dirt Surfer.  We were doing a bit of grumbling due to the loose, dusty, and hot trail conditions.  Once we hit Dirt Surfer, the trail improved dramatically.

Rode that down as Dirt Surfer #140 turned into Hybrid XC #140 to the bottom.  Went right to Spaghetti Factory.  Climbed this sweet, smooth, shaded trail to its end.  Went right on #116 to Mitchell Ridge #110 and down to the road.  Since it was about 100 degrees, we opted for a descent on the gravel road instead of the trail that parallels the road.  Rode back to the house.  12 miles.

June 3 & 4 - More in the Hood "44 Road Trails"

June 4:    The kids with good ankles drove up the "44 road"  to do a favorite loop combining Knebal and Bottle Prairie trails for 9.75 miles.  Lori, Tom, Greg and Francine.  Everyone had a great time.  Gimpy flopped through yoga at Flow Yoga,  and made it out in the kayak, with the help of kayak porters, Tom and Francine.  Another couple excellent days in Hood River.

Lori descending on Bottle Prairie

Lori and Tom


Greg, Tom, and Lori check out the lead Coke bottle
they picked up.   Can you get a dime for those?

June 3:  Gang did Reardon Rd. shuttle drop at Post Canyon.  Rode the Family Man loop and then headed up Eight Track to the top.  Headed down Bad Motor Scooter, which was in great shape.  Then descended Grand Prix - GP.  Started the climb up Spaghetti Factory to the new connector to the Kleeway trail.  Rode that down to the road and hit the bottom of the Seven Streams trail and hit pavement and local paths on the way back to the house.

Tom, Greg, and Francine at the Family Man trailhead

June 1,2 Hood River days

Perfect 70 degree weather for today, after 90 degrees yesterday.  Francine has gotten two yoga sessions done and one Post Canyon bike ride.  Kevin has been working hard at resting.  Cleaned Kayak on day 1, and made it down to the waterfront park to get a coffee and try flying a kite.   Friends arrive tomorrow.

look no spiders

Can't reach it

Chair-kiting. the new inactivity