June 20 - 44 Road - Bottle Prairie Trail to Kneibel Springs Trail

Scott and Diane arrived to their rented house yesterday, Sunday, 19th.  Today, we convinced Diane to join Francine and Scott on this 10 mile loop.  This time, like we didn't do with Lori, we set Diane up on Kevin's bike.  She powered up the first climb, and we all enjoyed the descent down.  The recent rains really solidified the trail, and the berms were all bermy and solid.  Today, the descent was so much better than when we took Tom and Lori.

Hmph.  We had to make the climb back out.   I keep forgetting how much of a grunt this climb is.  This ride is a little reverse, as in there is a climb at the end.  Luckily, you do get to finish the last 3/4 mile on a downhill.  Unfortunately, one of the last loose corners got the better of Diane.  She went over the bars, and scraped her shoulder, elbow, nose, cheek, knees, and her dignity.  Luckily we did not have to go to the doctor.  Bummer way for her to end the ride.  She said she was having fun.  She even said the climb was ok, as she wanted to get in a workout today.   9.8 miles.

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