June 22 - Post Canyon - Dirt Surfer shuttle

Kevin and Kelly ran into their cousin Tom Anderson yesterday at the beach.  Tom was coming in off the water from kiting, and we were hanging on the grass at the Event Site.  We invited Tom and his friend, Dana, to join Kelly, Francine and Scott on a shuttle from Kingsley Reservoir - Dirt Surfer.   They were in.
Kingsley Reservoir drop off - Scott, Kelly, Tom, Francine and Dana

Dana, Scott, Francine and Kelly

Dana, Tom, Kelly and Scott

Kevin and Diane were the shuttle Drivers (2 cars), since we had 5 bikers. We have had some rain here in the Gorge, and it made the climb, quite nice, relatively speaking, on the super rocky ATV trail #197 for the 1.25 mile climb to the start of #170 Dirt Surfer.   From here it is generally downhill to the Post Canyon Trails.  At the bottom, we went right and hit Spaghetti Factory #116.  We climbed Spaghetti Factory to its end, passing by the top of Mobius and headed out to Mitchell Ridge #110 for the finish.  When this dropped down to the road, we rode out the end of the Seven Streams trail and pedaled to the house with a tailwind.  The dirt was perfect in Post Canyon.  15 miles.

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