June 10-12, Post Canyon Francine and Heather tear it up

Saturday - Francine and Heather, up at Kingsley reservoir,
 ready for a lap on dirt surfer.
Our friends, Heather and Mike arrived with their daughter Eleni, 3 years old  and twin girls Laila and Sunny (5 months) from Seattle last night around 11pm.  After a sleepless night for Heather and Mike,  feeding twins can keep you up most of the night, Francine and Heather made their way to the Post Canyon trailhead. Mike was on kid duty for the weekend, so Heather was getting some quality bike time. The girls rode up Seven Streams #100 to the Family Man area.  Circled around in that area before heading up 8-Track to the top.  Then we headed down #158 Bad Moto Scooter to #158 Grand Prix - GP to lower GP.  Climbed up #116 Spaghetti Factory to the new connector "Sisters-Wives" that connects to the new Kleeway flow trail.  This was Heather's first experience on the flowy bermy trails, and she loved them.  9.75 miles.

Saturday - top of Spaghetti Factory/Mobius.  Heading out to finish on Mitchell Ridge Trail

It rained really had on Friday night, so we waited until later in the day to ride.  Took a stop at the kids wooden play structure on Eugene and 9th with Eleni.  Then hit the taco truck in town for lunch, and a quick look at the Saturday farmer's market.

Kevin was the shuttle Driver again.  This time he drove to the correct drop-off spot at the Kingsley Reservoir.  Heather and Francine crossed the dam on the upper Reservoir, and started up ATV trail #197 for 1.25 miles to the start of #170 Dirt Surfer.   From here it is generally downhill to the Post Canyon Trails.  At the bottom, we went right and hit Spaghetti Factory #116.  We climbed Spaghetti Factory to its end, passed by the top of Mobius and headed out to Mitchell Ridge #110 for the finish.  When this dropped down to the road, we rode out the end of the Seven Streams trail and pedaled to the house.  14.75 miles.

Saturday - start of Dirt Surfer

For their Sunday ride, Francine and Heather rode up Seven Streams to the Mobius trail.  The new Mobius trail is in a clearcut, but since we started riding at 9:30am, and there was a breeze, the temps were pleasant.  At the top of Mobius, we went left, and down on #116 Spaghetti Factory to the Family Man area.  Went down #108 flow trail to the new Float-On flow trail which connects into Kleeway.  Rode those bermy trails to the end of Kleeway.  Moved onto Seven Streams and out to the car.  9 or 10 miles.  Great three days with our friends.

Never a dull moment
Kevin getting a little foot friendly action

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