June 23 - Post Canyon & Kiting

Kelly is enjoying free time here until Monday as the girls are all out of town.  Jen and Hillary are in California for a lacrosse tournament, and Hannah is on a graduation roadtrip with 3 friends.  Hannah and her friends will all stay with us on Sunday night.  Scott was able to take a kite lesson at 10:30am, due to a cancellation.  We had a super lazy morning, as yoga wasn't until 12noon.

After that Francine and Kelly went biking at Post Canyon.  After some confusing shuttling logistics, they got a car parked at Family Man.  Climbed up 8Track to the top.  Descended on Bad Moto Scooter to GP to Lower GP.  Climbed shortly on Spaghetti Factory to the new "Sisters-Wives"? trail that connects to Kleeway.  Rode down the roadside trails in Post Canyon and pedaled to the house.  Trails are super fun.

Francine on Upper 8Track

Francine at bottom of Lower GP

Kevin was already down at the Marina with Scott and Diane, doing some more chair - butt kiting.  Kelly met them to take a try.

Kevin continuing to butt kite and get pulled down the beach

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