June 24 - Peach Beach Windsurf

Friday, June 24th.  Scott and Diane go home.  Kelly rented a windsurfer and drove east to Maryhill, (Biggs Bridge to Washington side), to the Peach Beach RV campground, where Steve and Susy Sandberg keep their trailer all summer for weekend trips.

Scott and Diane stopped by as well, and since it was nuking at the time, he also decided to rig up.  We pulled up while they were all rigging, and the clouds came in, causing the wind to die down some.

Steve and Susy have a shady, grassy campground, with direct access to the water for launching.  Great spot.

Steve and Kevin

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of either Scott or Steve on the water.  The boys rigged up 4.2 sails, but the wind kept dying and was quite gusty.

Kelly heading out

Kelly coming in

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