June 29 - Kevin 49th Birthday and last night

Kevin has been taking it easy on the foot, as he had an xray that showed no healing on Thursday.

Francine and Jack got dropped off at Binn Hill Staging area for a mini Dirt Surfer Shuttle.  Finished again on Bad Moto Scooter to GP to Lower GP to Spaghetti Facory to Mitchell Ridge to the roadside trails to the house.  Jack thought he rode 40 miles over the three days.  Pat and Larry went for a walk on the Indian Creek trail.  Later in the afternoon, they made the trip to Apple Valley Country store for peach pie for birthday desert.

After our day of running around, we all lost motivation to drive across the river to go to Henny's for Kev's birthday dinner.  Instead we went to The Thai House on the heights for a great dinner.  We came home and had birthday pie for desert.

Sadly, we pack up tomorrow, and head for home.  We love Kent's house, and will be back next year, as Kevin didn't get to play like we normally would.  After watching Kelly and Scott flog around, it confirmed that he is going to give up windsurfing, and take kiting lessons next year.  He was planning on kiting lessons this year, but not with a broken lower fibula.  Time went by real quick, as we were here 32 nights last year, and only 30 this year.

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