Dec. 27, Snoqualmie Mt.

Seth Davis drops in on Snoqualmie Mountain,
Kevin climbs with Chair Peak in the distance.

Dec. 15, Alpental

Hooked up with Scott and Crispin for a lap up Snake Dance, out above Knoll zero, down towards trashcan then up and out Snake-dance.   Snow heavy and wind affected up high.  Better snow Snake-dance and down.   150cm  in alpine with 60 cm on top of the rain crust with good bond.  

Geeb, Sophie, Crispin, and Scott climb out of Snakedance


Adding a layer

Our high point below the cliffs.

Scott skiing  shoulder of Widowmaker

December 14, East Peak Area, Crystal

Crispin going to snorkel depth

The plan was to go explore Alpental Valley.   Greg and Crispin were planning to come up at 8:15 for an early start with Scott and I.   Unfortunately, a slide of debris closed down the eastbound lanes of interstate 90.    At 5am, Crispin was already pinging me that the pass was shut down.   They quickly redirected their sites on the Crystal Mt. area.   Crispin had toured the East Peak area and was ready to go back.    I threw all my gear in the car and rushed to catch up with them in Greenwater at Wapiti Woolies.  I had never toured this area, so couldn't say no.  Scott wasn't quite ready, but said he had a great time skiing up at Snoqualmie Pass.    The touring area is behind the on-hill lodging on the left side of the road as you drive into the Crystal parking area.   There is actually a nice parking lot up on the hillside.   There were 4-5 cars parked to tour today.   We saw most of the crowd in the parking lot, but we all spread out soon enough.   We climbed towards bullion basin and up to Union Pass?    Anyhow we dropped a couple runs off the backside and a couple down the front side.   Great skiing.  I think the pictures validate the great snow conditions.

Crispin heads out the ridgeline



Greg climbing out of the backside

Greg,  nice.

Not too bad


Heading for the white room

The white room,   

Dec. 11, Alpental

I attended the grand opening of Summit West in the morning, then in need of a little more stoke toured up Alpental.    Ran into Gib at the bottom, and he thought they would close the area to uphill travel beginning Sunday.  The ski area had actually gotten a groomer up Debbie's Gold.   Looked like some pretty good driving.  Anyhow, snow was about 4-6 inches over a firmer layer.   Made for great skinning and good skiing.

Pretty Snow

Top lift shack still need some work.  Notice the roof is not complete.

Dec 7, Summit West

Scott and Sophie

I was really ready for a nice groomer over at Summit West.  Unfortunately, they didn't seem to be hurrying to buff out the ski hill for me.   Instead, had to ski more deep snow.   By the time I got home, there was another 6 inches of new in the driveway.   Got to like the start to this winter.   The ski area should be up and running at West by the end of the week.   Lots of snow.

Scott off the top, with the dogs right behind.

Diane snowshoeing,   Need to get her some skis.

Dec. 6, One lap on Sessel at Alpental, One lap at Summit West

Dan Larson gets fresh above Sessel at Alpental
Thick and deep, with ski penetration at probably 16 inches.  Thanks to Tom Davies for breaking trail to slightly above Sessel Chair.   Ski down was actually okay.  Especially if you like ultra thick mash potato skiing.   Also, helps to have wide-ass skis.   Anyhow, after our large group tracked the heck out of Sessel at Alpental, with just one lap.  Then, we retreated to Summit West where they had some some kind of bottom to the fresh snow.  Unfortunately it was pretty wet and heavy. It was definitely raining by the end of one lap.   Another fun day on snow.

Big weekend crew

Kelly hits the track at bottom of Sessel

Lap 2,  Over at Summit West

Dec. 5, Summit West

Good group for the weekend.   Thought about skiing Hyak, but the road was torn up by trucks in yesterday's warm weather.  Thankfully we ended up at Summit West, where the snowcats had actually groomed the front side.   Conditions started with firmish crusty groomer, but with heavy snowfall the conditions were improving quickly.  Two inches on the car after our third lap.
Skiers:  Kevin, Kelly, Tom, Scott, Lori    Snowskate:  Danny   Snowshoe:  Diane

Scott and Dan



Dec. 3, Hyak

Crusty Crud, but still skiing.

Scott getting free stone grind

We got adventurous and dropped off the Hidden Valley side.   Probably a bad idea.  Very thin snow coverage.

Dec. 2, Hyak

Last night brought about 5 inches of new.  With low expectations toured up the Hyak access road with Scott and Diane to the summit.   New snow was great!   Turns off the top were super smooth.  Then we just cruised down the road, which was still fresh.   Great day to try out my new touring boots.

Scott heads up the road


Diane, Olive, Scott, Sophie

11/30 Windy Pass Day 1 of ski touring

Drove out past twin lakes towards windy pass.  Parked about half way up the last straight away, after the last tight switchback.   Road had packed snow.  Ski toured up road to top of Ollalie Meadows.  Snow was pretty thin and rocks were showing in places on the road.   Left skins on skis for first part of descent to protect from the rocks.   No good turns.   First day touring.

Granite Mtn.

Silver Peak Basin, needs more snow

Clouds flow across the way