Dec. 6, One lap on Sessel at Alpental, One lap at Summit West

Dan Larson gets fresh above Sessel at Alpental
Thick and deep, with ski penetration at probably 16 inches.  Thanks to Tom Davies for breaking trail to slightly above Sessel Chair.   Ski down was actually okay.  Especially if you like ultra thick mash potato skiing.   Also, helps to have wide-ass skis.   Anyhow, after our large group tracked the heck out of Sessel at Alpental, with just one lap.  Then, we retreated to Summit West where they had some some kind of bottom to the fresh snow.  Unfortunately it was pretty wet and heavy. It was definitely raining by the end of one lap.   Another fun day on snow.

Big weekend crew

Kelly hits the track at bottom of Sessel

Lap 2,  Over at Summit West

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