Dec. 28 Alpental

Still riding the mountain bike, more than skiing.  Hooked up with Seth and Greg this Saturday to get few turns in, on the crunchy slopes of Alpental.  The ground is fairly well covered, but the skiing was horrible, due to the rains of yesterday and the cooler temps of today.  Everything below the fan, to the base, totally sucked.  The top half of the mountain was okay.   Weather was gorgeous and as usual, just glad to be out skiing.
Seth and Kevin topping out, "Chair 2 Summit"

Lower slopes, Alpental

Seth and Greg wind their way up Meister.

Dec. 20 Alpental

Thin snowpack, thick snow, still skiing.
Don Hecker skinning up gunmount.

Don on Debbie's Gold



Dec 12, Crystal Mt. Ski Resort

Kevin and Greg Louie

Francine had the day off and was itching to get outside.  With the forecast a little uncertain we headed for Crystal Mt., picking up Greg Louie along the way.  The ski conditions were surprisingly good.  Nice packed powder that was very carveable.  The snow base was a little thin, but we did very little damage to our skis and the ground was pretty well covered everywhere we went.   The sun was even shining most of the morning.  Now, if we can only get a little more up at Snoqualmie.