Whistler, June 11-17

Kevin on "Kill Me Thrill Me" trail.

Mike checks out the waterfall.

Francine riding over a creek .

Mike and Francine climbing up to the top of the Sproat Trail.

Lunch stop at the Green Lake float plane dock.

Drove up tp Whistler and spent the week with Mike Utterback and Francine riding the trails around Whistler valley. Glad to say the road looks like it will be finsished for the Olympics. Drove home in the fastest time in years. Had perfect weather and a great trip.

Day 1 - Trash, then Riverside up Highline trail and down Tunnel Vision. Day 2 - took it easy and road 31 miles on the paved bike trails. Day 3 - Kill Me Thrill Me. Day 4 - Rainbow Sproatt Flank Trail via Whip me Snip me to Function Junction. Day 5 - Lost lake trails down to Green Lake, then Mel's Dilemma and the classic, River Runs Through It.

Index, June 5

Chris rappels Princely Ambitions 5.9

Hooked up with Chris Bamer as he celebrated his last day teaching for the school year. Drove up to Index to try out some climbing routes on the Great Northern Slab. Unfortunately on our first route, as I led the second pitch of Roger's Corner, my handheld broke off and I took a fall, jamming my foot in the process. I gave up my lead and then made it to the top of the second pitch. I told Chris I would be happy to belay him, but was done climbing. We walked/hopped around the corner to Princely Ambitions 5.9. A great long route! As Chris headed up, I scratched my head trying to figure out how he would be able to get back down and clean the route of his cams and nuts. The route was too long to rappel off, and required a rappel route that was to the left of the original climb and would not allow retrieval of Chris's gear placed during his climb up. I decided to man up, and put my climbing shoes back on. Excellent route! Glad I was able to climb it, although to get back to car I resorted to hopping on my one good ankle.