August 27th - Squamish - Up Climb Trail, down Psuedo Tsugas

We checked out of our AirBnB house a little after 10am.  Drove over to Quest University, up the Mamquam road.  We parked on the pavement, and climbed .5 miles to the trailhead.  Started up Stl'lhalem Sintl' - Legacy Climb trail, to the top, about 5 miles later.  Took the new Fun, Upper-Half Nelson connector.  Went right onto Recycle.  Not sure if we need to do Recycle in another visit.

Continued to the end of Recycle to the Psuedo Tsuga 3 and 2 and 1.  They have reworked these trails since our last visit.  They are all bermed out and smooth, relatively for late August, and flowy.  We then connected into Phil&Cam's, which have also been reworked and bermed out.  I guess these two old school, geezers are starting to appreciate the bermed flow trails that the young kids like.  10 miles.

Made our nice drive home thru Vancouver, the border, and I5 with very little traffic.  Had to detour over to the Peace Arch border crossing, as it had a less than 5 minute wait, compared to the truck crossing with a 30 minute wait.  Great trip.<5 30="" at="" compared="" crossing.="" miles.="" minute="" minutes="" nbsp="" p="" the="" to="" truck="" wait="">

Aug 23-27, Whistler and Squamish

Jack - Trestle Trail (Squamish)

Jack - Squamish

Francine - Squamish
Rick had Tuesday thru Friday going unused in his 3bd/3ba Montebello quartershare.  With last minute notice for midweek, only Jack was able to join us.  On the way up on Tuesday, we stopped to ride in Squamish.  Did a 12 mile ride at Garibaldi Highlans/Alice Lake.  Rode up Coho Park Trail to Trestle to Jacks Trail to 50 shades of Green to Tracks from Hell.  Went up Cliff's and Rob's Corners to Man Boobs back to Tracks from Hell, down Bob Mashiter to Roller Coaster to Lumberjacks to Glenn's Carwash to Trestle and back out Coho Park Trail.
Francine - Cut yer bars (Whistler)
Wednesday in Whistler.  Rode the trail across from Montebello to the bottom of the lost lake trails.  From here we climbed up blackhomb to the Aspens development and popped out onto the ski run for the bottom of Magic Chair trail.  Rode over to the village to watch the downhillers.  From there rode the paved trail to Cut yer Bars to the paved trail to the bottom of the lost lake trails.  Rode up Hooktender and Tommy Moore to the Elephant Bridge, and out Molly Hogan to finish on Peaches en Regalia. 11 miles.
Jack on Toads of the Short Forest at Lost Lake (Whistler)
Thursday put us again at the Lost Lake trails, looking for easier trails that didn't climb so much for Jack.  Climbed Tin Pants to Gypsy Drum, where we ran into a huge class of little kids.  We turned off the wide, granite trail onto Disco Boy, The Torture Never Stops, and Fountain of Love to the top.  Descended on Pinocchio's Furniture, Dwarf Nebula, Zoot Allures, Toads of the Short Forest, Gee I like your Pants to Son of Mr. Green Genes and finishing on Jellyroll Gum Drop. Made our way back out past the float plane dock on the paved trail to Alpine Estates.  We climbed slightly in the neighborhood to the end of Forest Ridge Road to Mel's Dilemma.  We rode up and down thru Emerald Forest.  Next hit Blueberry Hill Trail and finished on the paved trail back to the unit. 10 miles.
Francine - Lower Sproat Trail (Whistler) 

Kevin on Lower Sproat Trail

Beaver Pond - Whistler

Beaver Pass Trail (rocks) from A Cut Above Trail - Whistler

Francine - Whistler
Jack left on Thursday night, so after checking out on Friday morning, were able to hit some trails with a little more climbing.  We parked at Rainbow Lake and headed west on the road to Alpha Lake.  Climbed up the road (passing a steep trail part of the Lower Sproat Trail) to an unmarked road to start Lower Sproat Trail.  Turned onto Piece of Cake, Lower Sproat to A La Mode to Lower Sproat.  Piece of Cake and A La Mode are awesome, ridable climbing trails.  We need to know where all of these are in the valley.   Lower Sproat eventually got real technical, and we thought we somehow missed a turn, and did some backtracking.  Turned out we were on the correct trail.  Rode Lower Sproat to Beaver Pond to Beaver Pass to a new trail, that evidently was not finished yet, A Cut Above.  This will be a real nice trail when finished.  12 miles.

We still did not hit the new climbing trail, being built by RMOW (Resort Municipallity of Whistler) or the Sproat Descent (Lord of the Squirrels) trail being built by WORCA.  We will hit the Lord of the Squirrels trail when we are back at Whistler in late September with Tom and Lori.  The loop is supposed to be open in the summer of 2016.  Maybe we will be able to do the loop.

On to stay in Squamish for the night, to avoid Friday at the border, Vancouver, and I5.

August 5, Leavenworth