Aug. 25, Circumnavigation of Esmerelda Peak

Hooked up with Rich H, Francine and Anna to do the 14 mile loop around Esmerelda Peak.  Beautiful scenery and an exciting descent made up for the tough climbs in the 90 degree heat.




Aug 15 - 20, Lake Entiat, Columbia River

Well, I usually consider my vacations fairly active.  But this was going to be a nice family vacation on Lake Entiat.  However, It quickly became apparent that this was not going to be some nice, relaxing, beer drinking,  hanging in the sun kind of vacation with my Sister's family, the Webers.  The days started with the morning coffee at 7, then it was time for the early crew to do our best to add a ripple to the early morning glass surface of the Columbia river.   This was followed by the wakeboard session, and the rock jumping session.  By the end of the first day my body was wracked from one high speed waterski wipeout, and too much time behind and in the boat.  Forced to slow down, I realized I was going to have to pace myself to survive this week.
Len carves up the morning glass
Jack waits for the rest of the group.  Bike riding in the hills above Wenatchee

Maddie show the boys, who has the most guts.

Kevin getting his morning workout

Francine on the wakeboard

August 13, The Tooth

Hooked up with Frank, Don and his daughter Wendy for the classic Snoqualmie Pass climb of the Tooth.  Weather was perfect and company excellent.   We left the parking lot at Alpental shortly after 8am and made it back to the car at 5:10.  A full day adventure.  We managed to be the first party on the route, with three other parties arriving before we finished.   Frank did the first roped pitch, then alternated with me up the four pitches.  Don led his rope the whole route with Wendy cleaning the gear as she went. 

Don and Frank heading towards our objective, The Tooth

Don belays Wendy on the final pitch

Wendy on the summit

Frank begins the rappel back down


Lisa get's married - Nelson B.C.

Lisa and David walk towards the honeymoon suite

Mike rides the log


Rafting - 3 Rafts, 6 Kayaks

Noah, whose family owned the farm where the wedding was held.
Stopped in Rossland on the way home and got in acouple of rides with Stephanie and Rich. 

July 14 - 18, Kettle Crest Fest

Headed to the Snow Peak Shelter on Kettle Crest Tr.

The annual Evergreen Mountain Bike Assoc. trip to Sherman Pass organized by Tim Bannister.  This year was four days of trail riding and one day of volunteer work on the trail system.  We had a great group of people and perfect weather.  The trails in this area see hardly any use and suffer none of the ill effects of overuse.  The stunning scenery and great trails continue to remind us why it is worth the six hour drive to Republic, Wa. and Sherman Pass.   Thanks Tim for another excellent adventure!

Spokane local, all smiles, as he descends the Kettle Crest, south of Copper Peak.

Peter Partel enjoys the views on the Columbia Mt. loop

Technical descent on the way to Snow Peak Shelter

Flowers on the 13 mile trail

These Republic locals came geared up to ride!  Ages 4 and 5

Ride On!