July 14 - 18, Kettle Crest Fest

Headed to the Snow Peak Shelter on Kettle Crest Tr.

The annual Evergreen Mountain Bike Assoc. trip to Sherman Pass organized by Tim Bannister.  This year was four days of trail riding and one day of volunteer work on the trail system.  We had a great group of people and perfect weather.  The trails in this area see hardly any use and suffer none of the ill effects of overuse.  The stunning scenery and great trails continue to remind us why it is worth the six hour drive to Republic, Wa. and Sherman Pass.   Thanks Tim for another excellent adventure!

Spokane local, all smiles, as he descends the Kettle Crest, south of Copper Peak.

Peter Partel enjoys the views on the Columbia Mt. loop

Technical descent on the way to Snow Peak Shelter

Flowers on the 13 mile trail

These Republic locals came geared up to ride!  Ages 4 and 5

Ride On!

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