Jan. 26, Mt. Snoqualmie Corn Harvest

So Seth had this new alternate route to get to the goods.  Basically you went out the back door of the condo, skinned uphill for ten minutes, then started booting.   Gosh, only 3000 feet later you reach the summit.   Somehow, Seth's estimate of 500 feet of bootpacking, changed to something like only 2,700 feet.   Anyhow, we made the summit, then skied southerly aspects off  Snoqualmie.  Perfect corn, butter smooth.  We managed 4 runs, two short drops, then one lap to the gully that separates Snoq. Mt. from Cave Ridge.   Finally,  after another solid bootpack up the SE ridge, we traversed towards Lundin and dropped down into the Commonwealth valley.  Nice day.

Seth, just boot it.

Kevin, cheating on the boot pack for a minute
Good n' Steep

Kevin balances on the edge of darkness.


Elevation gain:  5,045     Loss:  5,234 

Jan. 25 Hyak

Up and down the road with Scott S.

January 22, Brandonee Randonee Event

Ten people met up at Silver Fir for a little informal night racing.  Uninvited, were the two security people from the Summit Ski Area.   A flurry of phone calls, ended with a no-go, for the race at Central.   A stealthy retreat was made, and we regrouped at Hyak.  Race-on.   Route was from just above the OLY can to the top.  Whoever made the most laps in an hour gained all the glory.  Of course, finding the top, in the wispy fog and pitch black evening, was a little tricky.  Happily no one got too lost, and everyone had a good time.

Lowell Skoog - downhill in the dark.

January 17, 1/2 way up Lundin Couloir

Hot, Inversion Hot, like 52 degrees hot.  Grabbed Don Hecker, and got right back out in the commonwealth valley.  As we passed Red Mt. we could see a group post holing their way up Red, following my track from yesterday.  We continued up towards our objective, the Lundin Couloir.   It was still looking very smooth, but the warm temperatures made us a little uneasy.  I could stuff my ski pole, grip side down, all the way into the snowpack.  This being an avalanche chute, hmm.   Skinning was actually pretty good and we saw little indication of current slide activity.   There was a little debri, most likely left over from the rain event.   We most likely could have made the top, but with the warm temps, and sore legs from yesterday, decided to call it near tree line at 5,400'.   Skiing was a little variable and quite crunchy through the lower woods.  Still a beautiful day, and will have to get back again.  Hopefully after we get a good freeze to lock down the snowpack.   The Red Mt. group did look to have skied down without setting off any slides.

January 16, Red Mountain

Great day in the mountains.  Hooked up with Crispin at the late hour of almost noon.  5 hours later we were back at the car with smiles. 

Crispin and dog Geeb enjoy the summit of Red

First turn off the top

January 11, Hyak

Finally get to ski out the back door.    Hooked up with my neighbor and his furry buddies.  Snow was incredibly mushy from the rain, but luckily the ski area had run a groomer up the access road.   The untracked mush was almost unskiable and we stuck to the fresh corduroy from the groomer track.  Hopefully, they will be able to groom out a little more of the mountain in the coming week.

Sophie, Scott, and Olive

January 6, Alpental Sidecountry

Yesterday was good.  Today was better.  Shot Crispin an email before I went to sleep.  When I woke up, there was a plan - Silas, Frank, and Crispin were going to skin up through snake dance and hit some sidecountry powder.  5,400 feet vertical for the day.  Sorry Seth, no strava time.

Crispin and Geeb break trail above Martin Bowl



Lap 1- Sharon Bowl, Lap 2 Stokes, Lap 3 Stokes all the way to Valley bottom.  Exit route was a little sporty.

Jan. 5, Alpental

Beautiful sunny day in the mountains.  Skied with Francine, Don, and Greg.  The sweet powder of two days ago, was pretty tracked up, but nice to get out with good friends.  Dropped International, then poked out to Snake Dance for some adventure skiing.  Good times.

Francine gets in her first tour of the year.

Kevin and Francine

If only this chair was running!

Don Hecker

Greg Louie

Francine - widowmaker

Don - snakedance

Getting sporty - lower snakedance - tree belay

January 3, Alpental

Speed Lap - Crazy good with 2-8 inches of new.