Jan. 26, Mt. Snoqualmie Corn Harvest

So Seth had this new alternate route to get to the goods.  Basically you went out the back door of the condo, skinned uphill for ten minutes, then started booting.   Gosh, only 3000 feet later you reach the summit.   Somehow, Seth's estimate of 500 feet of bootpacking, changed to something like only 2,700 feet.   Anyhow, we made the summit, then skied southerly aspects off  Snoqualmie.  Perfect corn, butter smooth.  We managed 4 runs, two short drops, then one lap to the gully that separates Snoq. Mt. from Cave Ridge.   Finally,  after another solid bootpack up the SE ridge, we traversed towards Lundin and dropped down into the Commonwealth valley.  Nice day.

Seth, just boot it.

Kevin, cheating on the boot pack for a minute
Good n' Steep

Kevin balances on the edge of darkness.


Elevation gain:  5,045     Loss:  5,234 

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