Oct 26, Mansion Trails, Ellensburg

Rain, rain and more rain.   We looked east, as usual, and it still looked wet.  It did seem to be a slight possibility of getting a dry stretch down around Thorp and Ellensburg.   We hadn't done Joe Watt canyon in a long time, so we headed there.   Francine mentioned hunting season, as we drove down I90.   Joe Watt parking area is closed in the winter due to elk feeding.   Today, I guess is the opposite.  As we rolled up to the gate, we could see campers/trailers all over the place.  I guess this is hunting in the modern age.  You and a thousand of your friends camped in the same valley.   We quickly turned tail and ran away.   Next stop, Mansion trails in Ellensburg.   We had originally been hesitant of riding here due to fearing the ground would be too wet to ride without doing trail damage.   Lucklily the trails were perfect, and we only suffered a light drizzle.   We rode  to the top of the ridge on Chest Pains, then turned around and hit the other short loops, off of chest pains.   Needing a little more exercise we headed up the boy scout trail, for another out and back.  We didn't make it to the top of BST, but got enough to wear out the legs.  Still dialing in the loop possibilities out here and will hopefully make it back before the snow shuts down the top of the ridge.

Oct 17, Roslyn Area ride

Francine, Don, and I headed to Roslyn to ride the trails above town.   With the vegetation dying back, and damp trails, the riding was about as good as it gets.  

Mount Stuart, with a dusting of new snow.

Don, makes the final push to the ridge top.

Oct 5, Sport Climbing Exit 38

Big brother, Kelly wanted to get out with his daughter Hillary for a little rock climbing.  I pulled out my climbing book for Exit 38.   I decided to head to Interstate Park, Headlight Point climbing wall.   Several 5.7 and 5.8 sport pitches.   I guess it's been a while since I have climbed that area.   We managed to go the wrong way several times until we found another climber going to the same place.   Turned out to be a perfect day, and Hillary even finished with a jump in the river, brrr.

Kelly sporting his harness from the eighties.

Hillary makes the 5.8 pitch looks easy
Jen Curd gets in in the action