June 17, Teanaway Valley

Headed over to the Teanaway side of Cle Elum Ridge.  We had done Roslyn and Rat Pack several times, so decided to do one on Bob B's classic loops in the Teanaway.   With all the rain, everything was very green!  Best section of trail is the one Bob built last summer from the bottom of the sandy downhill to the river.  Thanks Bob!

June 16, Goat Peak

Goat Peak - Take 2.  I had located the trailhead and rode the bottom section of the trail last week.   This week I was ready to see if I could make it to the top.  This is one steep trail.  Lots of tight switchbacks!  I managed to make it to the top with only a few snow patches.  I did have to manhandle the bike around a few switchbacks.  The summit had remnants of an old fire lookout, and nice views out over Lake Cle Elum with Mt Stuart in the distance.  As I continued on,  I was stopped by a little more snow.   After laying my bike down and dragging it around to switch directions, I bailed out on an access road that had crossed the trail.  Definitely a challenge of a ride.  Will have to come back another day to get the whole enchilada.

June 8, Chinook Pass, MRNP

Tom emailed, then he called. I had just taken the batteries out of my avalanche transceiver, but he convinced me that Chinook Pass in Mt. Rainier National Park, would be worth putting the batteries back. Only a 2 hour, ten minute drive! It was forecasted to be the only sunny day this week! Well after his cajoling I decided I better dust the skis off. I called up Greg Louie and invited him along as well. Unfortunately Tom became unable to go. But it was too late for Greg and I to back out. The fuse had been lit.

KABOOM! - Greg carves up the soft upper slopes of Naches Peak

Greg with our first run of the day in the background.  We did the Line angling to the right.  Greg appreciated his new shorter skis. 

Naches peak  -  The rocky thing down the ridge.

Hardest part of the day

Short walk back to the car.

We parked just East of Chinook Pass, then headed clockwise around Naches Peak.  Skied two laps on the backside of Naches then dropped over the front for a great ski back down to the road.  Thanks to Joe, who had the only other car parked up at Chinook Pass.  He asked us where we were going to ski, and we said we thought we would just follow him.  He offered to show us his usual route.  Thanks Joe.  Did three 1,000 foot laps.