June 16, Goat Peak

Goat Peak - Take 2.  I had located the trailhead and rode the bottom section of the trail last week.   This week I was ready to see if I could make it to the top.  This is one steep trail.  Lots of tight switchbacks!  I managed to make it to the top with only a few snow patches.  I did have to manhandle the bike around a few switchbacks.  The summit had remnants of an old fire lookout, and nice views out over Lake Cle Elum with Mt Stuart in the distance.  As I continued on,  I was stopped by a little more snow.   After laying my bike down and dragging it around to switch directions, I bailed out on an access road that had crossed the trail.  Definitely a challenge of a ride.  Will have to come back another day to get the whole enchilada.

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