March 27, Mansion Trails, Ellensburg

Escaped the rain at Snoqualmie Pass to check out some new trails that have been recently built above Ellensburg.  Trailhead is the same, off of Cove Rd., but in addition to the existing hiking trails, several miles of signed mountain bike trails have been added.  The main trail, Chest Pains, provides about a 4 mile climb of 1,200 feet to the top of the ridge, where it connects into the green dot road system.  From the parking area, head straight up, across the irrigation ditch veering slightly left, pass a main trail on the right, stay left and you should start traversing left.  New trails are all signed.  Rode Chest Pains, Silver Pelvis Loop.  Passed the bottom and top of RIP Line on our left.  Once at the top, we had to hustle back down as the spring showers were approaching.  Got hit with some hail on our descent back down Chest Pains.  Went left on Oh Deer.  When that hit the doubletrack, we opted for that instead of the trails, and hightailed it back to the car.  Approx. 9 miles.

Trail is very narrow, very new.  Will be interesting to see how it develops.  Hopefully the horses will stay away, especially while wet.

March 22/23, Whistler Bumps

Made a quick trip to Whistler for Rick's annual bumpalooza.   Rick, and his brother Jerry still think bumps are better than powder.   Rick just got his second hip joint resurfaced, so he was in prime condition.  Great weekend of soft snow and good bumps.

Rick Mirakami, bumps

Francine and Dave

Francine and Kevin


March 5-8, Red Mt. Canada

Escaped the pineapple weather system that was drenching the Cascades and got just far enough north to escape the rain.  Yearly ski trip with my sister's family.  Snow was a little heavy, but we got lot's of fresh tracks. 

Kristin, Jim, and Len.

Jimmy shreds on his powder skis.
Unfortunately only hooked up with WASU guy, Jack for one day, and his sister Maddie could not escape Boston during her final year at Northeastern.

March 3, Hyak

Not much to post on the blog lately.  Snow conditions have been high for avalanches, so have been staying on the chairlift served slopes.   I have toured Hyak a few times, and am hopeful to get a little more touring done when the avalanche danger mellow out. 

Scott Sumner contemplates the silence.   Snoq. Pass shut down for the morning due to snowfall.

February 15. Vertfest - Alpental

Signed up for two hours of suffering.   Thankfully snow conditions were probably about the best they have been.   I managed to stay away from the leaders and finished in a respectable 19th place.   As always a fun event, other than the racing.  Good to see Holly and Heather on the podium for the women's race.   Strongest local men's racer was Brandon in 6th.   He managed to get second in the next race down at Mt. Bachelor.