Just another crappy day at the local ski hill.

Francine, Greg, Mike, Kevin

Bill, Kevin, Francine, Greg, Frank, Rob, Justin

Jan 22, Hyak at night

Got out the headlights for a night tour at Hyak.  Snow was silky smooth.  Fresh powder, since the chair derailed at 10am.  Francine was only stuck on the chair for about 2 hours.

Picture is a little dark

Jan 17, Snow

Not much touring posts, in January.   My Dad is complaining about all the inactivity on my blog.  Sorry Dad.  After a dry spell which forced me to break out the skate skis, January really delivered.  My deck looked like this several times in January.  Ended up skiing lots of chairlift days at Alpental.

Jan 16, Kendall Peaks

Greg got a couple of great shots, while we were skiing the Kendall Peak area.

Kevin Curd                                                                                          Photo: Greg Louie

Ellisa Eng                                                                           Photo:Greg Louie

Jan. 3, Cave Ridge

Hooked up with Scott Otterson for his annual ski day.  He's back to Germany to work on wind power next week.  Also, along for the tour was Greg Louie.  With no real agenda we headed up the commonwealth valley.  We got sucked over towards Guy Peak and found an interesting ascent route through the cliffs to attain Cave Ridge.  Climbed to the high point of Cave Ridge then dropped North towards  Mt. Snoqualmie before hanging a right back into the commonwealth drainage.  More touring, than turning, but an excellent day in the woods.

Jan 1, 2012, Mt. Catherine

First tour of 2012!  My nephew Jack and his dad Leonard are signed up for a three day avalanche course over MLK weekend.  Needing a little touring practice we headed out the back door for a Mt. Catherine tour.  Unfortunately for Len, his demo skis came with undersized skins that were not staying connected to his skis.  He dialed in using his backcountry gear, but ultimately had to turn back with his skin issues.  Continuing with Jack, we topped out at the summit of Mt. Catherine and enjoyed the views before dicing up the fresh powder,  As in most of my tours, the downhill seemed to be over far too quick.  However the snow was great, and it was good to get my nephew out experiencing skiing without a chairlift.