April 18, Icicle Creek Canyon, Leavenworth Wa.

Hooked up with Chris and Jim from a Avy course taken this winter. With warm weather in the forecast, we headed for Icicle Canyon, just upriver from Leavenworth. Found some good rock and made a start at trying to get in climbing shape.

Chris leads a nice corner route (5.9)

Jim adds a little more protection

Jim belays Chris up the last route of the day. The crux had a fist jamb that had me hanging by one arm trying to get my feet on something. Glad I wasn't leading.

April 14, Slotty Seconds

Snoqualmie Mt., the Slot Couloir. New snow. Met Greg at theAlpental Maintenance Lot at 9:15. A little over two hours of climbing and we were looking down into the gray depths of the Slot. Our quick arrival was due to the fact that five other people had already beaten us out this morning. We didn't mind, it just made the day that much faster. There was still plenty of snow! The slot is at the top of everyone's to do list. Somehow this was our first trip this year. It was good...

Greg slides into the entrance.... A little gray

Las Vegas April 3, Cowboy Trails

It was our last day of 12 in Las Vegas and we returned for a second day at the Cowboy Trails. This area was definitely the best for good scenery; cool cacti, Joshua trees, and lots of views of the surrounding mountains. Not too mention a great mix of technical trails. We headed out with rain threatening, but managed to squeek out a ride without getting too wet.

Las Vegas March 28-30

4/28: Francine cruises the Cauldron trail at Bootleg Canyon

4/29: Frank leads the way at Calico Canyon on Bottoms Up 5.7. He is on the route on the right side. The route on the left was Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun 5.7. We did that first and then swapped routes with the other pair of climbers.

4/29: Heading for the Dead Horse loop out of Blue Diamond.
The skinny guy in the bike shop said he did this loop in 2 1/2 hours. We only took about 7 hours to go 29 miles. We may have taken the long route.

Kevin rips the downhill

4/30: Frank tops out on physical Graffiti, a two pitch 5.7 trad. route at Calico Canyon.

Las Vegas March 24-26

3/24: Kevin leads Classic Corner 5.8 trad. Most of the pitches were over 100 feet. Need a good amount of gear to protect these long routes and still be able to build a anchor at the top.

Just right of Calico Corner, "Welcome to NIMBY" a 5.8 sport route. One of only two sport routes we did on this trip.

3/25: Riding the Blue Diamond trails with Frank.

3/26: Oak Creek Canyon