June 28 - Post Canyon - Sexy Beast #171 shuttle

I've been wanting to ride the Biker only (no motos (Motorycycle/ATV) allowed) trail.  So, as Jack as my guinea pig for exploring, he was game.  There would be a little more riding on roads instead of trail, and hopefully it would be worth it.  Kevin dropped us off at the Kingsley Reservoir again.

So, instead of taking the start of Dirt Surfer Trail #170, which I've ridden many times this trip, we went left on ATV trail #160 The Cobbles.  That name gave some concern, as the ATV Trail #197 that we climb for 1.25 miles to get to this intersection is quite rocky and boulderous, and doesn't have the name "Cobbles".  Luckily, enough motos have been thru to sort of create a "path" thru the rocky sections.
Jack at the end of a rocky section on #197 to get to the intersection of #170 Dirt Surfer and #160 Cobbles

Luckily, the sign at this intersection is misleading.  It shows trail #170 as no ATV's, but below it for trail #160, it shows ATV's allowed.  I think the ATV's get confused, and think they can't go on this section of trail.  YEAH.  We descended on #160 Cobbles, and because it wasn't totally torn up by ATV's, it was fine.  It seemed that only motorcycles had been riding it.  I think it was actually less beat up than the #170 Dirt Surfer Descent.  Hit the road and went right to a "T".  Went left down a dip and up shortly to the start of Sexy Beast #171 on the right.

Jack at start of Sexy Beast Trail #171

Sexy beast is a nice, narrow, non-motorized, couple mile trail.  One motorcycle had been on it.  It ends at a big intersection.  Ran into a nice guy and his dog and discussed route options.  Descended very little on Riordan Hill road to our turn onto a nice dirt road to come into Dirt Surfer at the top of the climb out of the creek valley.  Very worth taking this route, and is much easier than riding Dirt Surfer #170.  Continued down and cut off of Dirt Surfer to hit the bicycle only trials, Bad Moto Scooter to GP to Lower GP to Kleeway.  Finished on the roadside trails and biked to the house.  Fun ride.

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