June 3 & 4 - More in the Hood "44 Road Trails"

June 4:    The kids with good ankles drove up the "44 road"  to do a favorite loop combining Knebal and Bottle Prairie trails for 9.75 miles.  Lori, Tom, Greg and Francine.  Everyone had a great time.  Gimpy flopped through yoga at Flow Yoga,  and made it out in the kayak, with the help of kayak porters, Tom and Francine.  Another couple excellent days in Hood River.

Lori descending on Bottle Prairie

Lori and Tom


Greg, Tom, and Lori check out the lead Coke bottle
they picked up.   Can you get a dime for those?

June 3:  Gang did Reardon Rd. shuttle drop at Post Canyon.  Rode the Family Man loop and then headed up Eight Track to the top.  Headed down Bad Motor Scooter, which was in great shape.  Then descended Grand Prix - GP.  Started the climb up Spaghetti Factory to the new connector to the Kleeway trail.  Rode that down to the road and hit the bottom of the Seven Streams trail and hit pavement and local paths on the way back to the house.

Tom, Greg, and Francine at the Family Man trailhead

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