June 6, Surveyor's Ridge to Oakridge Trail and dinner at Fiorini's

Tom and Francine in front of Mt. Hood
Thanks to gimpy, we got droopped off at the the top of the Dog River trail.  Instead of blasting down Dog River, we headed out on Surveyor's Ridge.   After several climbs on what was suppose to be generally downhill, we dropped out on Oakridge Trail to our car, that Kevin had stashed.   Unfortunately the upper portion of Oakridge trail had been logged out.  What was once large trees and pine needle trail was now a clearcut.  Thankfully the bottom of the trail was still intact and we could finish on a high note.   14.6 miles  Riders:  Francine, Greg, and Tom Davies.

Greg getting the shot
Francine with Mount Hood in full glory

For our evening festivities, our group of 6, Greg, Mike O'brien, Lori, Tom, Francine, and Kevin headed to dinner at Jeff and Sally Fiorini's.  They have a super cute house they have owned for about 30 years in town.  Good times.

Greg, Kevin, Sally, Mike, Jeff, Lori and Tom on deck at Fiorini's

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tomd said...

Great trail report Francine ! Fun !!