June 5 - Shuttle Drop from Binn's Hill

Francine and Greg on Dirt Surfer

The original plan for today was a shuttle drop off at the Kingsley Reservoir, to ride the entire Dirt Surfer Trail.  We made a wrong turn in the car, and only made it to the Binn's Hill trailhead.  So, we made the attempt to climb to the Dirt Surfer #140 trail.  Headed out ATV #180 to Moto #170.  At the next intersection, instead of going right, we went left and climbed/hiked higher than we needed.  They seemed to have closed down a trail that should have taken us up to the Dirt Surfer Trail #140.  After bushwacking wih no success, Francine and Greg retreated back down the hill to Tom.  Lost some unnecessary elevation on the way to the connector to Dirt Surfer.  We were doing a bit of grumbling due to the loose, dusty, and hot trail conditions.  Once we hit Dirt Surfer, the trail improved dramatically.

Rode that down as Dirt Surfer #140 turned into Hybrid XC #140 to the bottom.  Went right to Spaghetti Factory.  Climbed this sweet, smooth, shaded trail to its end.  Went right on #116 to Mitchell Ridge #110 and down to the road.  Since it was about 100 degrees, we opted for a descent on the gravel road instead of the trail that parallels the road.  Rode back to the house.  12 miles.

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