June 17-19 - Sally and mom arrive

Friday - After a lazy morning, Francine followed Kevin around on a mellow pavement pedal.  Mom and Sally arrived on Friday afternoon.  Dad didn't make it this weekend, as he came down with a cold.  We made a stop at the fish stand for fresh indian caught salmon for dinner.

Saturday - Francine took mom to a beginners Yoga class.  She said it was her first class, and she really enjoyed it.  Then off to get pies.  Stopped at the Apple Valley Country Store and pre-purchased our 14 pies.  They were a little overwhelmed with our request.  We went on to Parkdale for lunch at The Solera Brewery.  Then made our way back to pick up our pies.  They had quite a line up to check-out, and it was sure nice we had already pre-paid.  We left Kevin at home to rest his foot.

Yes, that's right - 14 frozen pies.  2 cooked, 2 left for Kevin, 5 for Dad, and 5 for Sally.

That afternoon, we were supposed to go to Mosier to the Analemma winery, but mom needed a nap, and we took it easy.  We did make it to Henny's in White Salmon for a nice dinner.  Kent, the guy we are renting from, lives on the Washington side, and recommended the place.  We will return.

Sunday - Mom has been out walking and exploring the neighborhood each morning.  Thanks to all the veges and eggs that both Sally and mom brought, we ate very hardy greens with eggs for breakfast each day.

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