Sept. 27 - Whistler - Lost Lake Trails

We rode with Lori over to Lost Lake.  We split up as we were going to do the Zappa Trails, while she was going to hit Molly Hogan and the other nice crushed gravel loops.  The dirt was sweet, but the wood could have been a tad drier.  Climbed Tin Pants to Gypsy Drum and then hit the singletrack.  Climbed Dinah Moe Humm to Disco Boy to The Torture Never Stops to Fountain of Love.  Started a descent on Pinocchio's Furniture to Dwarf Nebula to Zoot Allures to Toads of the Short Forest to Gee I like Your Pants to Son of Mr. Greene Genes and our final descent on Jellyroll Gumdrop.  Here we crossed the river and made our way to the float plane dock.
Francine and Tom at intersection on Pinocchio's Furniture

Francine & Kev on Pinocchio's Furniture

Tom on Jellyroll Gumdrop

Float Plane on Green Lake
Lori made her way to the ski jumps at Blackhomb.
Lori at base of ski jumps
Whistler Olympics statues all around Squamish and Whistler


After some snacks, we made our way on the paved trail to Whistler to meet Lori.  We actually ran into her on the trail.  Finished on the Fitz Trail to our car in Lot 5, before getting coffee/muffin at The Lift coffee shop at the base of Whistler.  Did some shopping and resting by the center near the winter Ice Skating rink before calling it a day and driving the cars back to Creekside to our unit.  Nice short rest day on the bike.
Kevin and Francine resting while Lori was power shopping

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