Sept. 2, Mansion Trails - Ellensburg

Rain, rain.   Doppler check showed Ellensburg staying dry, so we packed the car with my brother Kelly and Francine.  We headed down to exit 101, before Ellensburg, and cruised through the farmland to Cove Rd. and the start of the Manastash area trails.   Usually we would have been down in the Spring to sample these trails, but with a dry Spring on the Westside, we never made it.  The climb was a grunt, as usual, but we were happy to see the trail network was expanding up on  the higher slopes.   We would have liked to explore more, but with rain threatening, we turned tail and retraced our uptrack to the car.  12 miles, lot's climbing.   Highly recommend this area for people who like to climb.  The fall colors were great, and it was nice to do the ride on a cloudy day.

Kelly leads the climb up "Chest Pains"

Trails Up: Chest Pain,  Clifford, Cougar Bait, Mrs Robinson.  On the down Jeep Rd to Cougar Bait,  Clifford, Chest Pain, RIP Line, Pink Pelvis Connector to Chest Pain to K-Pac to finish.

Next time want to check out Gunsmoke to Frisky Donkey to Chin Biter to Gnomenclature and then?


Brandon Kern said...

Check out pine oasis, it's pretty good

Greg said...

OOOhhh, new bike for Fran!