March 10, Hyak Skin and Ski race

Image taken by Greg before he decided to catch up.

The Snoq. Summit nordic center decided to do a low key Tele/AT/whatever festival which included a race. I showed up about 10:30 and the race had a whopping 4 people signed up. I signed my name on the clipboard and was ready to go. I chatted with Joe from Outdoor Research, who had been talked into putting the race together. There was a little concern that John, the nordic manager, thought we could just race up to the bottom of chair 2 and back. Luckily with a little persuasion, Joe convinced him to let the race go to the top of creek run and down serpentine. It probably helped that Rick, the Trab rep, was standing next to Joe in full randonee race glory, tight racer tights with euro bright orange coloring and big TRAB logos. As we got closer to the 11 o'clock start time, people started appearing out of the woodwork. We ended up with almost 30 racers. The race would be one or two laps, depending on your preference. Turned out to be an excellent race. Thanks to Joe, OR, and all the Hyak vollies for putting on the race. Scott Coldiron came from Spokane to show us what a real racer looks like and took first place and a sweet OR coat. Yours truly picked up second, with a telemarker on skinny skis in hot pursuit. Greg Louie showed up 5 minutes after the race started and decided to join in. He ended up only about ten minutes behind me!

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