May 8 - 10, Hood River Mountain Biking

Hood River was the destination for the second week of May. Always a favorite for the variety of excellent trails and the great town. Tired of camping, and thinking it was a little cold, we rented a small house just blocks from downtown. We used the rationalization that we could save money by cooking at the house. Unfortunately, Hood River has a great selection of restaurants and we ended up eating out for all three nights. Brian's Pourhouse, for a burger and fish tacos, sweet, HorseFeathers for $1.00 appetizers, and finally 3 Rivers Grill. Actually didn't like the food at 3 Rivers Grill, but they have a great deck. We were able to eat outside all week, since the temps were near 80 degrees. The riding was perfect; day 1 - Whoopee trail, day 2 -Post Canyon, and day 3 -Hospital Hill with a descent on triple bypass.

Francine in the trees on Whoopdee trail

Mt. Adams in the distance

Triple Bypass was good and narrow