June 20, Mt. Rainier via Emmons/Winthrop Glacier

I had never had a real desire to climb Mt. Rainier. Growing up in Seattle, it was one of those goals everybody had at one time or another. It wasn't until skiing off the summits of Mt. Adams and Mt. Baker that I thought, hey, it would be kinda cool to ski off Mt Rainier. Well, last summer due to scheduling conflicts I missed out on skiing the Fuhr Finger with Greg. I did do a spring trip to the interglacier and steamboat prow. The top of Steamboat Prow looks down on Camp Shurman and the climbing route was easily visible to the summit. I thought, hey, that route looks pretty easy. So this year when I had a weather window that meshed up with Greg's schedule, I jumped at the chance to go for the summit.

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