September 11, Salt Lake University Hospital

Unfortunately at the very finish of our Wasatch Crest ride, while the boys were waiting at the car, Francine decided to get stung by a bee. Then during a panic stop she put her foot down too early and drove her femur into her tibia, cracking the top of her tibia. The first person to help was an ER doctor, and he was kind enough to drive us to the closest emergency room. That afternoon they cut off Francine's favorite bike shorts, then wheeled her into the operating room to straighten out her leg. The first night they installed an external fixation device. They drilled holes into her femur and shin bone then screwed in long posts that protruded from her leg. These post were connected by square carbon fiber rods that immobilized her leg. The next morning Dr. Kubiak removed the external fixation device and proceeded to install 7 screws and two metal plates to hold the top of her tibia back together.

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