Dec. 26, Kendall Peak Region

The snow has been falling! Today was probably the best powder I have ever had touring! 20-30" of fluffy powder over a small rain crust, that saved us from sinking even deeper. Started from Sahalie with Seth, and found that the river crossings up in the commonwealth have not formed the best snowbridges yet. Managed to cross the creeks without getting wet and started skinning up the lower flanks of Kendall basin. Luckily two skiers had busted in a great skin track leading up to the main slidepath. We caught them just before the slidepath, Tony and Shier. They were only too happy to let us bust the trail out to the South ridge leading up to the Kendall summits. We turned back as the trees thinned out, not wanting to venture out into the main slide paths. Lap 1 - game on! Ripped all the way back down to the creeks in the commonwealth valley. With big grins on our faces, we all agreed another lap was necessary! When we toured back up to the flat area before the slide path, Seth was eyeing the timbered slope that headed up the Left side of the slide path. Maybe 500 feet of vertical, the powder was great, and we did three laps on this upper section before one more great run down to the commonwealth valley floor. A great day of skinning, 4,500' vertical, with a great group of skiers!

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