Jan 16, The Slot / Phantom Slide, Snoqualmie Mt.

Avalanche danger is finally getting better, so Greg and I headed up Snoqualmie Mt. from the Alpental maintenance parking lot. Looked like two skiers had beaten us out that morning, so we followed their skin track up Snoqualmie Mt. Near the top, Greg said, "let's check out the slot." I think the slot has some kind of magnetic pull on Greg, because he does not seem to be able to resist the pull of The Slot. I looked in and it looked hard and blown out. I made Greg continue up to the summit where we enjoyed great views and looked over the backside at the crooked couloir. It, also, looked wind blown and hard. Giving in to the magnetism of the slot we skied back to it's entrance and headed in. Despite high hopes of powder lurking out of view, it was pretty much hardpack. After skiing the slot, we climbed back over to the West side and had a good ski down the Phantom slide path. 5,000 feet of climbing, I got my exercise for the day.

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