March 9, Crooked Couloir

The slot was good enough for a repeat, so hooked up with Seth, Holly, and Eric. Seth asked where should we meet? I said, "how about your condo?" I showed up at the Walker condo, and the gang was busy putting on their gear. To start the tour, we walked down one story to the main floor, and headed out the back door. Doesn't get any more convenient then that. Touring was better than the last trip, and we made quick time, as we zig zagged up the phantom slide. Reached the Slot, and Eric and Seth were excited to go the next fifty feet to the summit and look at the start of the crooked couloir. Eric had not skied the Crooked, so Eric and I decided to drop the Crooked, while Seth and Holly dropped the Slot. We met up at the bottom, and decided the skiing was good enough to warrant another lap. Seth and Eric cruised up for another run, while Holly and I headed for the phantom. The corn was excellent and we even skied the notorious waterfall finish.

Holly skis the waterfall

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