Fruita/Vernal/Boise May 1-4

What can I say, this place rock's. Here is another typical ride with views of the Colorado river. This was our last day in Fruita, so did a quick ten mile loop and headed for Vernal, Utah again. Rolled out of bed, cooked up some pancakes, hopped on I-70 and drove 8 miles to Exit 11 - started the ride. Today's selection was a loop using the frontage road to do Lion's and Troy Built trails which are just West of our first day ride at Exit 15. Trails were great and will most likely be back in Fruita/Vernal next spring!

Sweet views of the Colorado River on Lion's trail

Coal train rolls by as we near the end of Troy Built trail
So the title for today has Vernal, Utah. in it. If you get Bike magazine, this month's issue covers the sweet riding in a small town in the N.E. corner of Colorado. The locals have taken the cow paths and made some sweet narrow trail. Unfortunately, we stopped in Vernal on our way to Fuita and spent the night in a KOA cabin, listening to it rain all night long. The rain stopped but it was too wet too ride. On our way home we repeated this same scenario, except when we woke up it was still raining, and as we called friends on our cell phone, we got the same info -- RAIN-- everywhere in the Northwest! Well we packed up and headed for Boise, halfway point to home. We managed to make a long drive longer by detouring through City of Rocks, Idaho, some weird rock formations in the middle of nowhere. Then we stopped in Twinfalls to see the Shoshone Falls of course. Finally, we made it to Boise and our first hotel room in 8 nights. Wow, kinda nice to have a toilet next to where you sleep! Woke up to rain, but squeeked out a pavement ride. Spent another night - the hotel was way too comfortable and tried to ride the foothills around Boise. They have some great singletrack on the edge of town, but it was wet, and we sneaked a short ride, but soon decided it was time to head home and catch the last day of skiing at Alpental on Cinco de Mayo.Francine says Hi to the ducks
Nice trail (#16) right above Boise at Penetentiary/Table Rock

Fun downhill on #14 at Table Rock as we escape the soggy trails

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